Why Microsoft Excel 2016 is the Recommended Charts Tool

A Simple Tool to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel 2016

A tool to create charts in Microsoft Excel 2016 not only improved the visual attractiveness of worksheets but also facilitated the organization and comprehension of the information conveyed to the intended audience, especially when working with data. 

To better show the trends, averages, hig[……]

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How to remove a page break in Word 2016

What is a page breaks? A page break refers to an invisible mark that divides a page in Word. A page enables you to move from one page in Word to another. Further, the page is also essential during printing as it enables the printer to determine the end of a page and the beginning of a new one.


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How to add page numbers in Word 2016

It is essential to add page numbers to your Word document. This provides a good layout and makes your work look more professional. This article will highlight how you can number the pages of your document from a specific page. It will also provide guidelines on adding page numbers at the header or f[……]

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How To Get Microsoft Office 2016 Free Download 64-bit For Windows 10?

Microsoft Office 2016 is an industry-standard office productivity suite essential for any computer user. But what if you want to get it for free? This article will provide MS Office 2016 features and step-by-step instructions on how to get Microsoft Office 2016 Free Download 64-bit.

Features Of M[……]

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Can I Download Microsoft Word 2016 For Free For Windows And Mac?

Are you looking for Microsoft Word 2016 download for your PC without purchasing a costly software license? Whether running Windows 64-bit or 32-bit, or Mac operating systems, you may be searching for ways to get Microsoft Word 2016 for free. Read on to learn how to get the popular word processing pr[……]

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How to Download Office 2016 for Free

Office 2016 is a popular version of Microsoft Office widely used on Windows operating systems. When you download Office 2016, you will interact with features that make it easier and more efficient to stay organized and productive in your personal and professional life. Office 2016 includes the famil[……]

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Editions And Price

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is an operating system designed to provide users with an efficient and reliable environment. It is the successor to Windows Server 2012 and offers a more robust framework with improved performance capabilities. It comes in several editions, each tailored to fit differen[……]

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How To Change The PPT Background Color?

In Slides, the ppt background color for a slide is white. Modifying the background color brings the eye to a specific slide. You can change the ppt background color to a solid color or place a color contour that starts to fade a color scheme from milder to dark colors.

This post will tell you how[……]

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