Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Project, Visio, Outlook, etc. For different groups of people, Office 2016 has launched different versions, such as Home Edition, Enterprise Edition, Professional Plus Edition, and so on.

How to delete page breaks in Word 2016?

Page breaks can make your work on Word tiresome and a little frustrating especially if you did not intend to have the page breaks in your Word document. It may also occur that you had added a page break earlier in your Word document but you change your mind and decide to remove it but you are wonder[……]

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How Do You Insert A Table Of Contents In Word?

A table of contents aids the reader in finding their way around your work. You can create a table of contents in Word by using the document’s headers, and then you may edit it as needed. Here are some ways you can insert a Table of Contents in a Word Document.

How to Create a Table of Contents in[……]

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How to Delete a Page in Word 2016?

Are you worried about the extra pages in your Word document? If you are familiar with Word, you will agree that blank pages may always exist either at the middle or at the end of your Word document. Presenting your work with an extra blank page or a blank page in the middle is a sign of unprofession[……]

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How to insert page numbers in Word?

Some people always find it difficult to add page numbers in a Word document. Most institutions require Word documents to have page numbers for purposes of easier reference or simply for matters of professionalism. Similarly, a manuscript submitted in Word with numbered pages indicates that the autho[……]

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