Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Editions And Price

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is an operating system designed to provide users with an efficient and reliable environment. It is the successor to Windows Server 2012 and offers a more robust framework with improved performance capabilities. It comes in several editions, each tailored to fit different needs and serve a specific purpose. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the different editions available and their associated prices.

Windows Server 2016 Editions And Prices

Microsoft offers two main editions of Windows Server 2016: Standard Edition and Datacenter Edition. Both are suitable for production environments but vary in their pricing models.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is targeted towards small businesses and has a price tag of $882 for up to 16 cores or two processors, making it one of the most affordable versions on the market.

This version includes all core Windows Server features as well as some additional ones such as storage replication, Storage Spaces Direct, Remote Desktop Services, failover clustering, software-defined networking services, express installation (one server setup), VMs running four or fewer Hyper-V containers and other essentials like PowerShell scripting language support.

Datacenter Edition

The Datacenter edition is designed for enterprise customers who require a comprehensive set of features plus technical support from Microsoft at all times.

The Datacenter edition removes many resource limitation constraints in other Windows Server 2016 versions. This edition also offers advanced features such as hosted virtualization support (Hyper-V), Failover Clustering, Software Defined Storage/Networking services + more cloud integration abilities, and higher levels of security and compliance than all other editions combined.

It also offers unlimited virtualization rights per device core license. The price tag associated with this edition is $6155 per server license (8 cores) or $9233 per license Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Essentials Edition

Essentials Edition targets smaller organizations needing even lower resource requirements but having similar IT infrastructure needs to larger companies.

This edition allows 50 user accounts on the local domain controller and supports up to 8 CPUs per core. However, it does not have unlimited virtualization rights. The pricing starts at $501 per core depending on volume discounts applied when moving over with Microsoft’s Software Assurance program ($102 list without Software Assurance). 

Is Windows Server 2016 End Of Its Life?

Windows Server 2016 is not yet at the end of its life cycle. Microsoft has committed to providing a minimum of 10 years of product support for Windows Server releases, which includes five years of Mainstream Support followed by five years of Extended Support.

Organizations using Windows Server 2016 can count on support through 2021 and 2026, ensuring they will stay up-to-date with capacity and security updates.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – Final Thoughts

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