How to remove a page break in Word 2016

What is a page breaks? A page break refers to an invisible mark that divides a page in Word. A page enables you to move from one page in Word to another. Further, the page is also essential during printing as it enables the printer to determine the end of a page and the beginning of a new one.

Although a page break is essential for the reasons mentioned above in addition to improving the layout of your work, sometimes they may not be needed.

Types of Page Breaks in Word 2016

There are two primary types of page breaks. These are the automatic and manual page breaks. An automatic page break is generated by Word as you move from one page to another. Although one cannot remove the automatic page break, you can simply adjust its position and have it where you desire.

The other type of a page breaks is the manual page break. This refers to the type of page breaks that you can add at any place in the document as you type. It will help you split the document and move to the next page or key in any function as you please. It is easy to remove a manual page break since you are the one who adds it.

How to Remove a Page Break

Suppose you had added a page break to the document that you were working on then you change your mind, how would you remove the page break? Or maybe you had added a page break and some texts now begin at the top of a new page but you want to move them back to the previous page, how do you make this happen?

There are two primary ways of removing a page break. These are;

Removing a Page Break with the Delete Function in Word 2016

You can remove a page break in Word by using the Delete function. To do this;

  • Open your Word document that you want to work on.
  • At the Home page, go on the Paragraph and click on the Show/Hidden button to display all the non-printable formatting options such as spaces, page breaks, etc.
  • Double-click to select the page break.
  • It will be highlighted. Now press Delete to remove the page break from your Word document.
  • Alternatively, place the cursor next to the page break and press the Delete button on your keyboard to remove the page break.
  • Once you are done, you can click the Show/Hide button again to hide the other formatting options in the Word document.

Removing a Page Break with the Find and Replace Approach in Word 2016

  • Press Ctrl + H on your keyboard to open the Find and Replace box on Word.
  • Alternatively, move the cursor to the top right corner of the Menu Bar to locate the Find and Replace section.
  • Select Replace. The box will open then click on the Find What which in turn opens to display various options. Click on More to open the remaining options in the box.
  • Click on the Special then select Manual Page Break on the displayed menu.
  • Do not key in anything on the Replace box, instead click on the Replace All button. This will remove any page break on the document.

Final Word

By now we hope that you can comfortably remove a page break from Word 2016. To get more insights, subscribe to the WPS academy, even better, download the WPS Office application for easier editing of your work.

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