How to number pages in Word 2016?

It is essential to add page numbers to your Word document. This provides a good layout and makes your work look more professional. This article will highlight how you can number the pages of your document from a specific page. It will also provide guidelines on adding page numbers at the header or footer.

Add Page Numbers From a Specific Page in Word 2016

You can number the pages of your Word document from a specific page. To do this;

  • Go to the specific page where you want to start numbering your pages.
  • Click on the document at the top of this page to bring the cursor to it.
  • Go to the top menu and select Page Layout. Then choose Breaks and then Next Page.
  • Go to the Insert tab on the top menu and then choose Page Numbers. Choose the preferred way to the page numbers to appear.
  •  Go to your document and highlight from the specific page that you want the page numbering to occur.
  • Go to the Header & Footer menu and unclick the Link Previous.
  • Choose Page Number from the menu at the top and then click on the Format Page Numbers.
  • Under the Page Numbering, select Start At then choose and key in the preferred starting number.
  • Go back to the document and at the top click on the first page number, then press the Delete button on your keyboard.
  • This function will get rid of the previous numbering sequence thus leaving the one that you have established in the Word document.

Number Pages on the Header or Footer in Word 2016

Did you know that you can add page numbers to a header or footer on your Word document? This is very simple. All you need to do is to follow the steps below;

  • Click an area on the header or footer where you want to the page number to be.
  • On your window, go to the Insert tab, click it and then select Page Numbering.
  • Choose Current Position among the options displayed.
  • Choose your preferred style of page numbering.

Once you have numbered the pages of your Word document on the header or footer, you can also change the position of the page numbers should you change your mind.

  • Go to the footer or header section and select the page number.
  • Then position the page number using the Tab key. You may choose to have the page number on the right, on the left, or at the center.
  • Press the Tab key twice to move the page number to the right if the page number is flush left.
  • Press the Tab key once to move the page number to the center if the page number is flush left.
  • Press the Backspace button until you move back in position.

Change Appearance of Page Numbers in Word 2016

While working on Word, you may also change the appearance of the page numbers on your document. To change the appearance of the page numbers;

  • Go to the footer or header region and select the page number.
  • At the Home tab, go to the Font section to change the style, color, font size, and font family of the page number.

Final Word

After reading this article, numbering pages in Word 2016 should be so effortless for you. We hope that you find this article helpful.

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