How to delete page breaks in Word 2016?

Page breaks can make your work on Word tiresome and a little frustrating especially if you did not intend to have the page breaks in your Word document. It may also occur that you had added a page break earlier in your Word document but you change your mind and decide to remove it but you are wondering how you can do it.

With page breaks occurring in a Word document, you have two ways of dealing with them. First, you may decide to do away with the page break completely. Secondly, you may adjust the page break so that it does not interfere with the flow of your work on the Word document. Remember that page breaks can either be automatic or manual. It is easy to delete a manual page break because it is also added manually.

There are various types of breaks in Word. These include the page break, column break, text wrapping, next page, section break, and odd/even page breaks. This article will focus on how to delete page breaks. Below are some of the ways of deleting page breaks in Word.

Method 1: Delete a Manual Page Break in Word 2016

In order to delete a manual page break in Word, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Word document that you are working on and has a page break that you would like to remove.
  • Go to the Home tab and under the Paragraph section click on the Show/Hide icon that looks like a P written backwards. This will display all the non-printable formatting options in Word. This is where the page break is located in Word.
  • Locate the page break and double-click on it to highlight it in blue.
  • Once it is highlighted, press the Delete button on your keyboard to do away with the manual page break.

Method 2: Find & Replace in Word 2016

You can also delete a page break in Word by using the Find & Replace feature.

  • Open the Word document that you want to delete page breaks from.
  • Move the cursor to the top left corner of the Window to locate the Find & Replace tab. Alternatively, press Ctrl +H on your keyboard. This is a short cut for Find & Replace.
  • Select on the Replace to dialog box labeled Find What. Click on the Find What feature to display other options and then choose More from the options displayed.
  • After that, choose Special on the box and subsequently click on Manual Page Break on the sub menu.
  • This operation will display a blank field on the Replace box. Do not enter anything on the blank field.
  • Go directly to the Replace All feature and select it.
  • Following these procedures keenly will ensure that all the page breaks on your Word document are deleted.

Final Word

Notably, the two methods above have delved into the steps to follow when deleting a manual page break. It is not easy to remove automatic page breaks but you can always adjust them so that they do not affect the flow of your work.

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