Can I Download Microsoft Word 2016 For Free For Windows And Mac?

Are you looking for Microsoft Word 2016 download for your PC without purchasing a costly software license? Whether running Windows 64-bit or 32-bit, or Mac operating systems, you may be searching for ways to get Microsoft Word 2016 for free. Read on to learn how to get the popular word processing program without paying.

Free Trial of Microsoft Word 2016 Download

If you don’t want to pay for a Microsoft Word 2016 download license, there’s always a chance to get a free trial version. The free trial is limited in time and features, but it gives you access to all the main functions to get familiar with the interface and see if it fits your needs. The trial version will last for about 30 days, after which you need to pay for full access.

Download Office 365 Or Later

One of the most accessible and convenient Microsoft Word 2016 download methods is an Office 365 subscription. It will give you access to the latest version of Word and Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

Depending on your budget, many different subscriptions are available, including the Office 365 Home plan, which costs just $70 per year and allows up to 6 users. This could prove very cost-effective if more than one family member needs to use Microsoft’s programs.

Alternatives To Microsoft Word 2016 Download

Some great alternatives to Microsoft Word 2016 downloads, such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, WPS Office, and Google Docs, are available. These programs provide an almost identical set of features and are great for creating essential documents without spending money on licenses or subscriptions.

Obtain MS Office For Free From Your University Or College

Suppose you are currently enrolled in higher education. In that case, there’s an excellent chance that your college or university may provide its students with access to complete versions of MS Office absolutely (or at least partially), depending on where institution rules apply.

It’s best to contact their IT department directly so they can point out precisely what’s available and which conditions must be met before obtaining this valuable piece of software without needing any payment in return.

Unethical Microsoft Word 2016 Download

It isn’t recommended to get a Microsoft Word 2016 download from any website that offers pirated software or crack version, as its many risks include viruses, malware, lack of support from the developers, etc. There have been reports of people downloading copies of Microsoft Word that were modified by hackers, thus installing malicious code on their machines instead of the program they intended to download. 

So even though there might be backdoors online offering free Microsoft Word 2016 download, they should only be used if extreme caution is taken into account.

Best Alternative To Microsoft Word 2016 Download

The WPS Office Suite is a compelling and highly versatile set of office tools designed to bring you the best in productivity while delivering a great user-friendly experience. Its wide range of features includes advanced document editing, real-time collaboration, various cloud storage options, hundreds of templates, and many more helpful tools.

With so many features and capabilities, WPS Office Suite can help you easily complete any task or project quickly and efficiently. It is available for all major operating systems like Windows and Mac. You can download it for free from its official website.

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