Should I Download Microsoft Office 2013 For Free From Third-Party Websites?

If you’re considering downloading Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows 64-bit for free, this article is here to help. Here’s an overview of the implications and options to download Microsoft Office 2013 without a valid license and what to do if you decide to go this route.

Legality Issues

It is illegal to download Microsoft Office 2013 if its publisher has not authorized it. Software piracy often involves the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted software, and installing a pirated version of a commercial software program can put you at risk for prosecution.

Additionally, many online websites offering to download Microsoft Office 2013 are filled with viruses, malicious spyware, corrupted data files, and other issues that can harm your computer and potentially access sensitive data.

How To Legally Download Microsoft Office 2013?

There are ways to legally download Microsoft Office 2013 without purchasing a license or product key. The company offers a range of free web application suites such as OneDrive, Outlook on the Web, and Skype for business which provides some basic office productivity features, including creating word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as easy access across multiple devices.

For more advanced features, there is an option to purchase an Office 365 subscription which includes additional tools such as OneNote, Publisher, Access, and Excel, as well as 1TB of cloud storage per user with up to 6TB total allowed in any organization plan.

Risks Involved With Illegally Downloaded Software

When using pirated versions of software products such as downloading Microsoft Office 2013, you may not get only some of the features that come with it if it’s an original package compared to legitimate versions downloaded from official sources.

Furthermore, risks associated with obtaining a backdoor or cracked software version include malware or viruses installed into your system. This will lead to performance issues or crashes, causing you to lose important files saved on your hard drive.

Additionally, your copy needs to be genuine. In that case, it could leave you vulnerable to security threats, so be aware when making these types of decisions because no one wants their machine infiltrated with malicious code.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 – Best Alternative

Whether or not to download Microsoft Office 2013 for free ultimately comes down to personal choice but be aware that there could be legal issues involved due to taking this road, in addition to potential security threats which may occur as a result of downloading an unlicensed version.

How to Use All Office Products For Free?

You can use WPS Office for all your office needs. WPS Office Suite is an excellent option for anyone looking to get the most out of their Microsoft productivity suite without paying for the full version. WPS Office Suite includes a word processor, presentation tool, and spreadsheet program and offers access to templates, allowing you to easily create presentations and documents for personal or business use.

It’s free to install and use on various devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS systems, so no matter what device you have, you can take advantage of the features offered in this free version of WPS Office Suite.

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