Microsoft office 2013(32 bit) free download now!

Do you want to download Microsoft office 2013(32 bit) for free? Do you want to work more smoothly?Then you find the right place!

Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit is a new generation of Office software developed by Microsoft after Microsoft Office 2010. Office software includes word processor (Word), spreadsheet editor (Excel), slide presentation program (PowerPoint), database management system (Access), personal email information manager (Outlook), and note-taking program (OneNote). No matter you are a personal user, a family user or a business user, Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit can empower you and make it easier for you to handle work or study. It fully integrates various cloud services into a single application, providing users with integrated solutions such as content sharing collaboration, cloud storage, unified account management, and integration with Skype.

The design adopted by Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit is more user -friendly. It can perfectly support the use of touch, handwriting pen, mouse or keyboard on Windows devices including tablet computers. The new version of Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit is advancing with the times. It not only supports social networks, but also provides users with many modern application scenarios, including reading, notes, and conferences, and can be delivered to users through the latest cloud service model.

What is the difference between Microsoft office 64-bit operating system and 32-bit? The Microsoft office 64-bit CPU supports the maximum of 16GB of memory, while 32-bit only supports 4G memory. When processing large data sets and using PowerPoint to process large pictures, videos or animations, the 64-bit Office performance is better.

Features of the Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit :

Here are some key features of the Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit:

What is MS Word 2013

Microsoft Office Word is a word processor application from Microsoft Corporation. In Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit, we can see the new simplified Metro interface. For those who deal with huge Word documents, Office 2013 has added the function of automatically creating bookmarks – users can directly navigate to the last page they worked or browsed without dragging the “scroll bar”, which improves their work efficiency. At the same time, Word 2013 solves the problem of inconvenient use of PDF. In Word 2013, users can directly open and edit PDF files without converting them to another format.

What is MS Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013 is a powerful data analysis and visualization tool owned by Microsoft. Analyzing and presenting data in a good way has always been tough for most users. Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit has added a quick analysis tool for Excel, which can analyze the data you choose and provide corresponding charts to display the data.

What is MS PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013 is a presentation software owned by Microsoft. Searching for images on the web and inserting them into PowerPoint presentations is not easy. Microsoft had also realized this needs of users. Users only need to use Bing search in Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit to find suitable pictures, and then insert them into any Office document now.

Another powerful office software recommended-WPS

Microsoft office 2013 free download 32 bit is a powerful office software. However, another popular software is WPS office. Its advantage is that,

1. WPS does not take up much memory and space. The installation file of the latest version is less than 50M, and the space occupied by the file after installation is less than 200M.

2. WPS launched a personal free version, but Office 2013 still needs to be charged, which is one of the reasons why many people choose WPS.

   3. WPS cloud automatically synchronizes documents, remembers work status, logs in with the same account, and can switch devices without hindering work.

   4. Abundant template materials suitable for many occasions.

The best is the one that suit you most. Note: Downloading WPS now can get WPS Office membership for free, free editing PDF, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity, start your WPS journey today!

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