Download Microsoft Office 2013 in 2023

Microsoft Office 2013 is the coming generation of Microsoft Office software, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, and Lync.

The new version of Microsoft Office 2013 features a new user-friendly design that perfectly supports operation with touch, stylus, mouse, or keyboard on Windows, including tablets. And it offers modern application scenarios including reading, note-taking, meeting, and communication while supporting social networking, and can be delivered to users through the latest cloud service model. so it is convenient for us to download Microsoft Office 2013 in the work-life.

Microsoft Office 2013 was designed to evolve in several directions. Originally, it does not go out of its way to make Metro available, but rather slowly makes Metro-style programs available; Secondly, it makes people more accustomed to cloud services; Lastly, it is primarily aimed at extensions to being programs, rather than secondary alternatives. So how to download Microsoft Office 2013 is now a major trend in people’s lives and work.

What is MS Word?

Microsoft Office Word is a word processing software. It is considered to be the main program of Office and has a dominant share of the word-processing software market.

But the new touch in MS Word 2013 optimizes the reading mode so you can swipe your fingers to navigate through documents, while modifying documents has had a huge overhaul, expanding the difficulty of editing them. By the way, Microsoft Office 2013 Professional can also edit PDF files without the need for additional software. So it is the best choice to download Microsoft Office 2013 Word.

What is MS Excel?

Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet program ( a software program for numerical and budgeting operations) and is one of the first office components.

In MS Excel 2013, the new Flash Fill feature automatically fills the range of selected cells. Excel analyses the entire table, detects relationships between cells and suggests a value or text. Excel also makes it easier to create pivot tables and graphs. the new Quick Analysis feature in Microsoft Office 2013 lets you Preview certain formatting options. So it is the best choice to download Microsoft Office 2013 Excel.

What is MS PowerPoint?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a presentation software designed by Microsoft. Not only can users present on a projector or computer, but presentations can also be printed out and made into a film for wider applications. Powerpoint makes something called a presentation, and the file format suffix is “. ppt”, or it can also be saved as a “.pdf “, “picture format”, etc. It can also be saved in a video format. Each page in a presentation is called a slide, and each slide is a piece of content in the presentation that is both independent and interconnected.

MS PowerPoint 2013 splits the presenter mode into two different views, audience and presenter. In addition to the presentation itself, you can see a bulleted list and more details on the presenter screen. On a tablet, you can switch between slides with finger gestures, draw a lecture from a movie with a stylus or use a virtual laser pointer. So it is the best choice to download Microsoft Office 2013 PowerPoint.

What is MS Outlook?

Microsoft Office Outlook is one of the components of the Microsoft Office suite, which extends the functionality of Outlook Express that comes with Windows. outlook has many features that can be used to send and receive emails, manage contact information, keep a diary, schedule, and assign tasks.

MS Outlook 2013 brings together a fade-in menu of appointments, contacts, and tasks. Email in it is now tablet friendly and you can view larger areas in an optimized list view. So it is the best choice to download Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook.

For a detailed list and introduction to the more frequently used software in MS office. The fast you download Microsoft Office 2013, the more convenient you will get. For software with more extreme requirements, you can try to download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional. You will notice a few changes, for example, the famous ribbon bar expands only when necessary and it has been optimized for fingertip operation on touchscreens. In addition to images, you can also embed videos in Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus via HTML code. All applications come with a new touch-optimized viewing mode, large, neat icons represent the most important features and new templates offer visually appealing spreadsheets and presentations; the PDF editor offers greatly improved options for collaborative editing and additional features such as cloud integration with Skydrive and embedding YouTube videos are great innovations. Do you feel that it the convenience to download Microsoft Office 2013 or download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional?

More information about Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional comes with many useful features making it optional to use on touchscreen devices. Unfortunately, it is not friendly to the tablet and it requires continuous learning to achieve better results. If you are looking for a more affordable option that is compatible with MS Office, you can always check out WPS Office.

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