What Should You Learn From Free Microsoft Office Training

You most likely use Microsoft products like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint daily, but if you’re like most individuals, you sorted out the basics on your own. These online free microsoft office training courses will assist you in going beyond the basics so that you may significantly influence your work. You can learn more from free Microsoft Office Training.

What Will You Know?

Microsoft Office is a suite of software essential to any organisation’s functioning. If you’re a beginner at Word, Excel, Office, or PowerPoint or wish to enhance your skills, this collection of valuable materials will assist you in making the most of these tools.

Short videos and content downloads are included in the free microsoft office training so you can follow near with the teacher. Find answers to your most pressing Microsoft questions. Alternatively, you can pass the examinations and earn certifications to add to your résumé or CV.

Why should you learn Free Microsoft Office training courses?

Most modern industries require knowledge of the essentials of Microsoft Office. It is frequently necessary for job searchers to advance to the next level of the recruitment procedure. Microsoft Office is the most common software suite for enterprises globally. 

MS Office is the basis of most organisations’ daily administrative operations, regardless of size or sector. When applying for jobs, having a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Microsoft Office will allow you to pass the initial qualification tests. 

If you want to advance within your current company, improving your MS Office skills could help you get there. Business owners, innovators, and senior managers might all benefit greatly from knowledge of Microsoft Office’s most critical features and capabilities.

Free Microsoft Office Training:

Learn the basics:

Get going quickly and easily with Microsoft 365 video training.

Training templates:

Learn what’s possible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Quick Starts:

Get up to speed in no time with these popular guides.

Save time with tips:

Work smarter to get more out of Windows and your Office apps.


Do your best work together. With Microsoft 365 , you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Office for the web training

Office for the web training:

Learn how to stay productive in Office from any browser with these brand-new courses.

Cheat sheets:

Get up to speed fast with these quick references and keyboard shortcuts.

Infographic posters


Get inspired with cool new infographics for your favorite Office apps.

For small businesses:

Watch these short, easy videos to help you set up Microsoft 365.

For admins and IT Pros:

Learn about cloud services, deploying Microsoft 365, and more.

Make a countdown calendar and enter the current time and date.

WPS office software may be integrated with Microsoft Office, and these training courses assist students or home workers in completing their tasks quickly. Today, we’ll go over the fundamentals of the three most widely used date methods. They are the TODAY function, the NOW function, and the DATEDIF function. We can rapidly input the time and date by using the date function.

How to add a watermark

How to Include a Watermark

WPS office software may be linked to Microsoft Office, and these training materials assist students or home workers complete their tasks quickly.

We frequently observe distinctive watermarks placed on the back of some files. Including a watermark not only prevents others from stealing but also allows us to identify the source of the item.

WPS Provide Free Microsoft Office Training

WPS Office is a portable, feature-rich, all-in-one office suite with a high level of interoperability. WPS provides free Microsoft office training via tutorials on their website. WPS Office, being a useful and professional office software, lets you edit files in Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF formats to boost your job efficiency.

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