What is a pdf merger and how to use a pdf merger?

Let’s say you have already converted a word file to a pdf file, but now you have to add some pages to that, what will you do? You don’t need to convert the file again to word, add the pages and convert it to pdf again. You can simply convert the new pages to a pdf file and merge this new pdf with the old one using pdf merger. The WPS online pdf merger software free download is available online to download, using which can simplify the tedious process of merging files.

What does a pdf merger do?

Online pdf mergers are open-sourced and can merge two separate pdf files into one without wasting your time and effort. Some pdf mergers can also split rotate, extract or mix pdf files according to your requirement. With online pdf mergers, you can work on merging the pdf files on both Windows and macOS. With WPS pdf merger, you can even decide whether to add some blank pages at the end of your file. There are both web and desktop versions available for numerous pdf mergers, which you can either use online or download for your desktop.

Are pdf mergers free and secure?

Pdf files are well known for their easy sharability and portability, and there are many tools available online to merge multiple files into one and split one file into multiple files. Online pdf mergers are free to use, using which you can simply drag multiple pdf files and merge them into a single pdf file. Online pdf mergers are safe to use and they guarantee privacy to the files you merge or split using the tool. If you want to use a pdf merger offline on Windows, try an WPS online pdf merger software free download.

Why use an online pdf merger?

Let’s imagine you are working on a project and want to note down all your observations in a word file. After converting it to a pdf file, you remember that there are some other things that need to document. Without a pdf merger, you need to add everything to the old word document and convert it to a pdf file again, which consumes more time and space. Instead, you can simply convert the new document to a pdf file and add this new pdf to the already existing pdf file using the online pdf merger. By using this WPS pdf merger, you can save time and work with files without creating many duplicate files.

To wrap up

Pdf files are the best option to store your content. Unlike other file formats, pdf files are easy to share and can be accessed and viewed on any device without any incompatibility issues. While handling multiple pdf files without any hassle, you can try using the WPS online pdf merger software free download and easily merge or split your pdf files according to your requirements in a single click.

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