Things To Know About Annotation In Foxit Reader Edit PDF

When can you say that your reader is not just a reader? When it does more than just read your PDF files. Long ago for any feedback in your file, you need to follow an email thread. In Foxit Reader Edit PDF you can annotate your PDFs quickly. Annotation allows you to add comments and highlight them in the file. You can get feedback directly to your file on the same page. It gives you good hands-on underlined texts, strikeout text, and many more things. 

You can also use Foxit Reader Edit PDF to draw different shapes directly on the documents. The best part about this feature is that you can do all the annotations without leaving the document you’re working on. One of the not-so-attractive things about this tool is that you need to pay a lot to use these features. So the best alternative you can have with less cost/free is the WPS PDF tool. This tool also offers all the features you get in Foxit Reader Edit PDF.  

Add Notes, Highlight, Underline, etc.

Foxit PDF Reader/editor allows you to add notes, underline important lines, Strikethrough, highlight, and more. But the Foxit Reader Edit PDF tool is not restricted to all this only. This software also uses to Draw shapes such as rectangles, ovals clouds, lines, arrows, and polygons along with pencil and eraser tools. 

Along with all those tools, it also offers Typewriter which you can use to put text directly in your PDF documents. This implies that you can not only add notes but can also fill out all the forms online which do not contain any interactive form fields.

How to Do Annotating with Foxit Reader Edit PDF

If you want to start annotating, then click on the Comment button, here you will get all the annotation options such as:- 

  • Squiggly Text
  • Highlighting
  • Strikeout
  • Replace Text
  • Insert Text
  • Underline

You can also use the note comment option by using Note Tool. This tool can be used when you want to ask questions, want to make suggestions, or discuss your content with other people that are on your team. Your notes will get showed up as a speech bubble. Try to download the Foxit Reader Edit PDF  Pro version if you need all the features for your documents. This tool gives you a bonus with 64-bit encryption of your files. Foxit phantom is the best tool you can have. 

More About Foxit Reader Edit PDF

This Foxit Reader Edit PDF is a wide-use tool for your Mac or windows. It also has an android application. Foxit Reader Edit PDF allows its users to highlight, strikethrough text, and highlight in-text PDF documents. It gives you full control over your PDF files. It will allow you to do whatever you want with your PDF as long as you continue to pay its monthly fee. You may also choose the WPS PDF program, its superior alternative. This program allows you to edit PDF files, and you can even purchase its Pro version if necessary. This is a comprehensive tool for your business. Never utilize its Crack version, as it may infect your machine with malware. It is possible to download the WPS office. Simply visit its official website and click “Download” on the screen of your computer. You will then get a zip file with a URL to download and install WPS. Now you can sign up for free and begin editing your sheets, PDFs, and more. 

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