How to learn Excel shortcut keys in 3 seconds? Must increase salary!

Excel is an essential tool for both enterprises and personal offices. However, many people still rely on the mouse to navigate, overlooking the powerful shortcut keys available in Excel. To boost your work efficiency, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with Excel’s shortcut keys.

In this article, I will introduce some of the most commonly used Excel shortcut keys, which will help you master them in just 3 seconds, and significantly enhance your productivity. By incorporating these time-saving techniques, you can become a valuable and efficient employee in any organization.

Basic shortcuts-Windows

In Excel, there are many basic shortcut keys that can be used to quickly complete various operations. Here are some of the most commonly used shortcut keys:

Ctrl + C: Copy

Ctrl + V: Paste

Ctrl + X: cut

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Ctrl + Y: restore

Ctrl + A: select all

Ctrl + S: Save

Ctrl + F: Find

To learn these shortcut keys quickly, you can create a cheat sheet or reference guide and keep it next to your computer. Whenever you need to use a shortcut key, refer to your cheat sheet to memorize the key combination.

2、Insert and delete shortcut keys

Inserting and deleting data is one of the most common operations in Excel. The following are some insertion and deletion related shortcut keys:

Ctrl + +: insert row or column

Ctrl + -: delete row or column

Using these shortcuts to insert or delete data faster than having to right-click and select the appropriate option.

3、Selection and movement shortcuts

In Excel, selecting and moving data is also a very important operation. Here are some shortcuts related to selection and movement:

Ctrl + Arrow keys(↑←↓→): quickly move to the edge of the cell

Shift + Arrow keys(↑←↓→): Select a range of cells

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow keys(↑←↓→): Select a range of cells

Ctrl + Home: Move to the upper left corner of the worksheet

Ctrl + End: Move to the lower right corner of the worksheet

Use these shortcuts to select and move data faster without having to drag with the mouse.

4、Other common shortcut keys

In addition to the shortcut keys mentioned above, there are some commonly used shortcut keys:

F2: Edit cell

F4: Repeat last operation

F7: Spell check

F11: create chart

There are many shortcut keys in excel, so many that it can almost realize full keyboard operation, and then completely liberate the mouse. However, many shortcut keys have not been used in personal daily work. This article selects some commonly used and practical ones for recording.

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