How to clear the clipboard and use it efficiently in excel?

In the process of using Microsoft Excel, being proficient with the clipboard can greatly increase our efficiency, it can help us temporarily store copied or cut. Once something is stored in the clipboard, you can paste it anywhere you like. But while using the clipboard, you may get an error that says your clipboard is full. Thus you should know how to clear the clipboard. The ways to find and clear the clipboard are as follows.

Clear the clipboard in excel.

First, open the clipboard.

Step 1: Click the Home tab then you will see a clipboard tab under the Format Painter.

Step 2: After you click the tab, the Clipboard task pane appears on the left side of the excel and all your clips will show in the clipboard.

Next, if your clipboard is full, you should clear the clipboard to copy new text.

Step 3: To clear the clipboard, click the Clear All tab to delete all the clips in the clipboard.

Step 4: To clear the individual clip, click the arrow to the right of the pin you want to delete then click the Delete tab.

2. Create a shortcut key to open the clipboard.

Using the shortcut key will help you clear the clipboard more effectively.

Step 1: Click the button Options below the clipboard then click the second option ‘Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl+C Pressed Twice.

You can then double-click Ctrl+C to open the clipboard.

3. Paste the clips into the clipboard.

After learning how to clear the clipboard, I’d like to introduce you to more functions of the clipboard.

Step 1: After you copy clips in the clipboard, to paste the individual clip into the clipboard, select a cell that you want to paste. Then like the delete progress, click the arrow to the right of the pin you want to paste then click the Paste tab.

Step 2: After you copy clips in the clipboard, paste all clips into the clipboard, it’s the same as clearing the clipboard, select a cell that you want to paste. Then click the Paste All tab at the top of the Clipboard.

4. Use a clipboard to merge multiple cell contents quickly.

Example: Merge the contents of cell A1: A4 into cell C6

Step1:Select the area of cells A1:A4 and copy the data, then the data will show in the clipboard.

Step 2: Select a new cell C6, then open the clipboard and click the clip you just copied, then the contents in A1:A4 will be merged in C6.

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