How To Change The PPT Background Color?

In Slides, the ppt background color for a slide is white. Modifying the background color brings the eye to a specific slide. You can change the ppt background color to a solid color or place a color contour that starts to fade a color scheme from milder to dark colors.

This post will tell you how to change the ppt background color. But before that, what is the ppt background?

What Is The PPT Background? 

A slideshow of ppt backgrounds is graphics or visual elements, some of which are positioned behind the writing, graphs, pictures, or other things you will present in your presentations. In brief, you create all your slides using the ppt background.

How Can We Change The PPT Background Color?

To personalize your presentation, add a background color to a slide, as we will accomplish using the mixed media contour framework. 

  • Choose any Layout – Format Background from the contextual menu. 

A menu will pop up at the right side. 

  • Then choose the Solid Fill feature and the color of your preference. 
  • Like changing the grey background, you can modify it inside the slide set by clicking Apply to All.

We get an illustration of the most advanced ppt background software. WPS Office is a Chinese software developer’s software platform for Windows XP 2016, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS.


WPS Presentation is an unlimited access and competent ppt background editor that allows users to start organizing modern text, photos, audio recordings, and sometimes even clips in a well-organized and effective manner.

How Do You Change The Color Of The Background In The Wps Ppt? 

  1. Select Design > Background from the fall menu. 
  2. Users are limited to using one color in the Gradient Fill area.
  3. Gradients are only strongly advised for the paid version.
  4. Users can open an Element Formatting window by selecting a background from the below menu. 
  5. Users can select between Solid and Gradient fill.
  6. For comparison purposes, consider Gradient fill.
  7. Select Color Schemes for a color theme (optional) upon that tools menu. And after that, in the window, adjust the Gradient Style, Color, Placement, Transparency, and Brightness though necessary.

WPS office suite will make your life easier. It is online and downloadable for WPS Office for PC, Mobile, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 


Is WPS Office Freely Available?

WPS Office will always have over 494 million active monthly users and over 1.2 billion upgrades by 2022. The private basic version is completely free to use. You can have a highly customizable competent version that can also be obtained for a membership fee.

Can I Access Wps Office When I’m Not Connected To The Internet?

Cloud editions allow you to use WPS Office on multiple devices simultaneously and  work from wherever without losing the data or ability to connect. Finally, if users are interested in completing tasks offline in Windows 2013, you can. All you have to do is Install and save WPS Office Unencrypted Free.

Can I Put Wps On My Laptop?

WPS Office is fully compatible well with the operating system Microsoft’s Windows 10.

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