How to add page numbers in Word

You should always add page numbers to your documents, especially for official work. They play a big role in enhancing the readability and general outlook of the document. A reader can easily find specific parts and determine the total pages. Lastly, you will have an easy time citing specific pages in the numbered document. So, do you know how to add page number in Word?

This article will guide you on adding page numbers to a word document in WPS, which can be quite technical for a beginner. You’ll have to know specific controls and functions to add page number in Word successfully. Let’s find out the specific steps.

Step 1: Head to the Insert Section of Your Document

Any additional things you would like your document to have is usually added in the Insert section, next to the home section. Once you click on it, it opens up a range of options that you can use to spice up your document. Here is a screenshot: (image)

You can clearly see that it gives you an option to add pictures, icon library, charts, word art and several other options that we won’t cover in this article.

Step 2: Click on the Page Number Section

Quickly head to the page number section, which is generally found next to the header and footer option. This is where you will insert the page number. On clicking on it, you will get a range of options as shown below: (image)

You can have your page numbers in ten positions. These include the header left, header middle, header inside, header right, header outside, footer left, footer right, footer middle, footer outside, and foster inside. Click on your preferred position, and your document will change instantly.

Step 3: Close the Header/Footer

The third step is removing the additional editing functions added to your document when choosing your preferred page number location. If you choose the position of your page number to be on top of the document, then a header function is imposed. At the bottom of the document, you get a footer. What do you do? Quite simple. Just head to the close option found near the headed and footer setting as shown below and do away with them: (image)

You will have finally added page numbers to your document in a few simple steps. Remember that you don’t have to highlight your document to add these functions. Just choose your preferred location and let WPS handle everything for you.

Final Word

Did you learn how to add page number in Word? Well, we hope so. Our main purpose is to help you become a WPS master, explaining why we always ensure that you learn at least one concept at a time.

We also call you to subscribe to WPS academy and view their videos. Do not forget to install WPS on your device to change for better handling and editing of documents. Stay tuned for more articles on the same.

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