Know How to Use PDF Foxit Reader on iPad

PDF Foxit Reader is the reader’s first choice. Now people are looking for the most portable, lighter, and faster devices that make their life easy. PDF Foxit Reader allows its user to use the software on mobiles because of its mobile-friendly interface. But sometimes to use its extra features you may need to pay for a subscription for that. 

So the best alternative for this PDF Foxit Reader is the WPS office pdf reader software and mobile app. WPS Office is an easy-to-go app that you can use anywhere to read your fav book in mobile view or in your lappy. It is free to download from the app store or from its official site. WPS Office is available for all operating systems such as windows, mac, Linux, etc.

How to Download Foxit PDF Reader on Your iPad?

Downloading the PDF Foxit Reader tool on your iPad is not so hard. All you need is to go to your apple store and search for Foxit PDF Reader For mobile and put your app for downloading by clicking the download button. Now after completion of your download, install it and you are set to use your Foxit PDF Reader online or even offline. You can also go Pro by subscribing to its premium features. 

Convert your Email Thread Into PDFs

One of the best features that I find attractive is that you can convert your email threads into PDFs which allows you to annotate. You can use Spark for your iPad email client and convert their email into pdfs. All you need to do is click the three-dotted button on the top right corner of your application and click on the option of saving to PDF. After saving to PDF you will get notified to open the PDF, here you can color tag them and even highlight any section you want by the use of its in-built PDF editor.

Convert Your High-Resolution Photo into Documents

PDF Foxit Reader will give you full control over editing also. It also allows you to convert your High-Resolution photos into document format if you need it. You can then easily Email your photos and also save your photos as Low storage PDF files. Go to the main screen and locate the big blue plus sign button and click the file to PDF. The Foxit Phantom Reader will then Prompt you to select your photographed document and instantly you can convert your document into a fully editable PDF. Never use any crack version of the app on your iPad. PDF Foxit Reader also provides you with 64-bit encryption.

More About Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is no doubt one of the best reading tools you have nowadays. All you need to do is download it and start using it. One of its drawbacks is that you need to pay if you want to use extra features. And not all the useful features they are giving in the free version. You can use their Trial Period Pro version and decide whether you want to use it further or not. The best alternative for this problem is that you can go for the WPS PDF tool. This is one tool that gives you many features to use. You can download WPS office. You just have to go to its official website and click “Download” on your computer’s screen. When you’re done, you’ll have a zip file with a link to download and install WPS. Now you can join for free and start making changes to your sheets, PDFs, and more. 


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