How You Can Use Adobe PDF Compressor?

Nowadays storing and document transfer is quite easy to do. But this digital era still has some limitations such as you can’t share documents of big sizes. Many platforms still have limits to the total file size while sending any document online mode. Here comes Adobe PDF compressor into the picture. Many people don’t have unlimited hard drive storage, so they also need to compress their file size accordingly. 

You can compress your PDF in Adobe PDF Compressor by opening your file in the software and working on it. But Adobe PDF Compressor comes with a subscription pack which may cost you a lot. You can look at its best alternative i.e WPS office. This will give you the freedom to do all the things and yet cost you less than an Acrobat reader. This software is free to download and easy to use interface.     

About Different Versions Of Adobe PDF Compressor

The desktop downloadable version of Acrobat is Adobe Acrobat Pro. This version was then updated and comes as Acrobat XI. After that Adobe starts to offer its tools suite to a cloud-based known as Adobe DC i.e Adobe Document Cloud. Now Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Acrobat DC are quite the same but users need to access them differently. 

Let’s Compress the PDF file Size with Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe offers a file compression option that is helpful in reducing your file size. If you are using Adobe XI then go to the file option and select save as others. This will make an impression that you are not only making changes to your file but creating a new file. Now choose to reduce file size in save as another option. If you are sharing this file with another user, then make sure you both are using the latest version of  Adobe Acrobat.  

Use Option “File Size Optimizer”

Now you have to reduce your file size, but still, the file size is too big. So in this case you can use the option of optimizing file size in Adobe PDF Compressor. When you choose to reduce your file size, then you are compressing your file size by 10% to 15% in a zip file. But when you are compressing it, then you can compress it by 90% of the original size. So if you need to shrink it by that margin, then go for the compressor option instead of the condensed PDF.  

More About Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe PDF Compressor is one of the best PDF editing tools you can have. You can change everything in your PDF by using the Adobe PDF Compressor tool. But this comes with a subscription cost which can be a little too much for people. So try WPS office, you can have all the features with the same efficiency. If you want to download this in your software simply visit its official website and click “Download” on the screen of your computer. You will then get a zip file with a URL to download and install WPS. Now you can sign up for free and begin editing your sheets, PDFs, and more. 

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