How to write a two-week notice letter using Word templates

A two weeks notice letter or a resignation letter is commonly used to notify an employer of an official resignation. When you give two weeks notice letter to your employer, it essentially means that you are informing your employer that you will be leaving the company on a specific date. Giving your employer two weeks’ notice letters in most cases provides them enough time to find a suitable replacement. The resignation letter should be simple and professional.


  1. First of all, open google chrome and type search WPS Office resignation letter free download ( If you want another type of notice letter word template then replace the ‘resignation’ ). You show many results in front of you. Choose anyone that suits you.

2. Click on your two weeks notice template word. A new tab opens. You see your chosen notice letter template there. On the right side, you see two options, one is ‘Edit in browser’ and the second is ‘Download’. Select the ‘Edit in browser’ option.

3. When you click on it, it opens in “”. Now you can edit it and personalize your own letter. Start the letter with the address. In the opening paragraph announce your resignation. Address him or her with ‘Dear’. In center write your reason to this resignation letter notice. In the end, sign in the ‘staff signature’ portion.

  1. After editing and personalizing your two weeks notice letter template word. You see the ‘Auto Save’ option on the top. It means your letter is saved automatically. Once click on ‘Auto save’ You’ll see ‘collaboration records’ on the right side of your laptop screen. 
  1. Now your two weeks notice letter template word is ready to use. You can use it any time.
  1. If later, you need this letter, just simply open the WPS Office you see your notice in front of you!
  1. If you want to edit it again, double-click on your notice letter. Its opens again. You make changes or send it.


l  Whether the reason for separation is good or bad, you always remain polite with your staff, employee and with everyone when resigning from a position.

l   For be professional you must add the reason for your resignation.

l  Mention in the notice to work through the end of the two weeks notices period if you want.

l  End on good term. Leaving a job is normal, it is a natural part of the job cycle. In the best case, current coworkers might serve as future professional contacts. Because the world is small, do not try to burn any bridges.

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