How to use the PDF lock remover software?

We all know the effects of data breaching when we share our files or information through the internet. To avoid that, we can protect our PDF files that contain sensitive information using encryption. When you encrypt the PDF file, you have to set a password using the WPS software, which should be correctly entered if someone wants to access your file. This is one of the safest methods to share our PDF files online without having to worry about data breaching. However, if you need to remove the password from a certain PDF document, you must need the PDF lock remover software on your system. Read on to know more about the PDF lock remover software free download and learn how to use it.

What is PDF locking software and how to remove the lock?

Organizations that share PDF files containing important information encrypt their files using the WPS PDF file locker software. This WPS software enables us to set up a password to our PDF file and without which no one can open the PDF file and view its content. Setting up a password and encrypting the PDF files is now much easier with the help of the PDF file locking software. Anyone can download this locking software from the website and protect their PDF files from inappropriate usage on the internet. Sometimes, you may need to remove the encryption for various purposes. For that, you need to have this WPS PDF lock remover software free download on your system to remove locks from your PDF files.

Procedures to follow while using the PDF lock remover software

Using this PDF lock remover software is so easy and requires you to follow some simple steps. For removing the lock from an encrypted PDF file, you need to know the correct password. The PDF software has a user-friendly interface and you can perform any operation so quickly. To remove the lock from a PDF file, first, you need to open the encrypted file by entering the correct password. After that click on the encrypt button from the protect tab. As soon as you click it, you may find a dialog box popping up, in which you have to uncheck the password option. Once you uncheck that option, the lock will be removed from the encrypted PDF file. Now the PDF file can be opened without entering any password. Using this WPS PDF lock remover software free download is very much easier and you have to follow simple steps to remove the lock from your encrypted PDF files.

To sum up

Nowadays, protecting your PDF files and documents by setting up a password using WPS software is always recommended before sharing them via the internet. Setting up a lock and removing the lock has now become easier using this PDF file software. You need to perform simple and quick steps to remove a lock from an encrypted PDF file. With this PDF lock remover software free download, you can easily remove the locks from your PDF files on your desktops and laptops.

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