How to get your Microsoft Office updated?

Maintaining the most recent Microsoft Office updates is critical for ensuring that you have the most recent features at your disposal and that you are protected against the most recent threats. The highly publicised outbreak might have been avoided with a simple Windows upgrade.

However, with so many new risks and updates being released and working with various computers, it’s easy to stay caught up on upgrading equipment. That is why we will look at how to update Microsoft Office in this post.

How to check your Microsoft office updates?

Microsoft distributes new updates regularly, which you must remain on top of if you want to keep your network secure. These updates can be installed manually or automatically. Office 365 updates automatically by default, but in this part, we’ll look at how to push updates manually if this setting isn’t enabled.

Follow the procedures below to seek Microsoft Office updates to install in Microsoft Office or Office 365:

  • Open Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (or any other Office 365 application)
  • Select File Account or Office Account.
  • Select Update Options.
  • Click the Update Now button.
  • After you click the Update Now button, Microsoft Office will search the internet for updates. Updates that are discovered will be downloaded and installed.

How to Enable Automatic Microsoft Office Updates (Windows):

If you want to set up automatic Microsoft office updates 365, the procedure is rather straightforward. To see if automatic updates are available, go to File > Account in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint and search for the line “Updates are automatically downloaded and installed.” If you don’t see this text and instead read, “This product will not be updated,” automatic updates are turned off.

You may enable automatic updates by following the procedures outlined below:

  • Launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Select Account (or Office Account if you’re using Outlook) from the File menu.
  • Enable Updates from the Update Options menu.
  • When asked if you want Microsoft Office to modify your computer, select Yes.

How to Turn On Automatic Updates on Mac?

The procedure for enabling automatic Microsoft office updates on a Mac differs significantly. You may enable Office 365 updates by following the steps below:

  • In the system menu bar, look for the Help tab.
  • Check for Updates (if you don’t see this option, run the most recent version of the Microsoft AutoUpdate program and try again).
  • Select Keep Microsoft Apps up to date automatically.
  • Click the Update button (Press the arrow if you want to view updates individually).

Your Mac will then begin downloading the most recent updates. If you don’t want to utilize automatic updates or don’t have them switched on, you may manually download updates from the Mac Store.

  1. From the Dock, launch the App Store.
  2. Select Updates.
  3. Select Update All or click the Update button next to the apps you want to update.

Learn more about Microsoft Office Updates: 

Microsoft 365’s most recent version is 2211, Build 16.0.15831.20098. The latest release for the online version is 18.2210.1203.0 as of December 24th, 2022; however, it is constantly increasing, and to get the best out of your Microsoft office, be sure to be aware of the updates. After reading this article, you can now update your Microsoft office on any platform/ software you want or simply put it on automatic update.
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