How to Enter Values and Formulas in the Area of Excel Window

In recent years, the development of big data has continued to grow. Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly a good helper for data processing.

The Initial area in the Excel window that allows values ​​and formulas to be entered is called the formula bar. Are you looking for where to find the formula bar and how to enter values ​​and formulas? Read on to find the answer and learn about new areas where you can enter values ​​and formulas.

Formula Bar Area in Excel Window Allows Entering Values and Formulas

Step 1: In a newly opened Excel window, look towards the top of the Excel window, and the white area between the menu bar and the worksheet is the formula bar area.

Step 2: You can click on the arrows to the right of the formula bar to expand and collapse the area size.

How to Enter Values and Formulas in Excel Window in Formula Bar

Step 1: By clicking the formula bar, you can observe the blinking input symbol.

Step 2: Feel free to enter the values you want. Both numbers and characters are acceptable.

Step3: Formula Bar will activate to allow entering formulas when

1. type an equal (=) symbol.

or 2. click the “fx” button and on the right of the Excel window will appear the Formula Builder where you can choose the formula you want to use.

Entered Values ​​and Formulas in the New Area

You may find that when you enter a value or formula in the formula bar, the same content will be displayed in the cell of the worksheet you selected. The new input area is the cell of the worksheet.

Step 1: You can click the cell you want to enter values and formulas in, the same blinking input symbol you will see as in the Formula bar, and you also feel free to enter the values.

Step 2: Formula Bar will activate to allow entering formulas when typing an equal (=) symbol.

Comparing Entered Values and Formulas in Formula Bar and Worksheet Cell Areas

1. For long values ​​and formulas that need to be entered, the formula bar is still the first choice, because its length is sufficient, and the length of the worksheet cells is very limited. For long values ​​and formulas, it is hard to see the complete.

2. Sometimes the two areas work together in a division of labor. When you want to view the generation of the values selected in the worksheet cell, you need to look at the formula bar area to check the formulas.

More about Areas in Excel Window Allows Entering Values and Formulas

Have you know which areas in the Excel window allow values and formulas to be entered? Mastering the entering of data and formulas will lay the foundation for your excel application.

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