How Foxit PDF Reader Free Reduces Your Paper Usage?

According to Sierra Club, most workers in the United States use 10,000 paper sheets every year. This data is a little bit shocking, isn’t it? Let us also consider the cost of printing these papers and see how Foxit PDF Reader Free helps in the reduction of paper usage. Foxit PDF Reader Free software is one of the best in the market because of its insights into the environment also. 

But if you want to annotate something on this Foxit PDF Reader Free, then you may need to pay a lot for that. So we will introduce you to its best alternative i.e WPS office suite. This is one of the best editors and readers you can have without paying so much. This is free to download and also gives you full hands on your PDF. This is compatible with all kinds of operating systems such as Windows, mac, Linux, etc.  

Let’s See How Much We Print when we don’t use Foxit PDF Reader Free

  • Data shows that 3 out of 4 office workers print papers from an online source.
  • 90% of people having home printers use internet content to print.
  • If we look at an individual worker, then he uses 6 papers per day for office work    which becomes 1,410 pages in a year. That’s too much, isn’t it?
  • If we look at the cost then these wasted pages are equal to 84.60$ in a year, just for an individual.


Now let’s look at the facts about the papers – One tree is able to make 8,000 sheets of paper in its lifetime. According to our rate of wastage of paper, this is not too much. So this fact tells us that each person who is wasting that amount of paper is responsible for the life of more than one tree in a year. The Surprising fact is the US consumes most of the paper in the world. It consists of just 4% of the world’s population but uses 20% of the total paper in the world.

Things to Do For Reducing This Data 

  • Think before you print anything. Print only when it is necessary. Think before you print your emails. 
  • Try to use both sides of the printing paper. When you print select the option in which you can print on both sides of the paper or you can avoid printing at all by using Foxit PDF Reader Free.
  • Avoid using color prints. Blank and white print uses less ink and is cheaper in cost. Only use color print if you really want it otherwise avoid using it.
  • Reducing the font size is a clever way to say paper, as this will allow fitting more text on the page.
  • If you need to print from the website, then first format it in a google Docs or word doc and then print it out or you can also go for the Foxit PDF Reader Free tool.

Know More About the Use Foxit PDF Reader Free 

You can use the Foxit PDF Reader Free and avoid printing pages. Foxit Phantom Pdf Reader will give you the freedom to search any content in the document, you can annotate, can view your file in mobile format, use a pen to draw in the documents, etc. But not so good thing about Foxit PDF Reader Free is that you need to pay a lot for these features so you can go for its best alternative at a low cost.  WPS Office is free to download and is very user-friendly. It also gives you 64-bit encryption. You can edit PDF files with this program, and if you need to, you can even buy its Pro version. This is a complete tool for running your business. Never use the Crack version, because it could put malware on your computer. You can get the WPS office by downloading it. Just go to the site’s official page and click “Download” on your computer’s screen. Then you’ll get a zip file with a URL where you can download and install WPS. Now you can sign up for free and start making changes to your sheets, PDFs, and other files.  

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