How Does Adobe Compress PDF Work?

Are you looking for how to compress your PDF size using Adobe Compress PDF? Then we are here to guide you with step by step process. Adobe Acrobat is the first choice for many Business people. When you are in a problem with the file size and you don’t know how to compress it using Adobe Compress PDF function, then you must be frustrated and the same thing used to happen to me. So don’t worry my friend we got you covered in this topic. 

Before moving further, let me give you a heads-up about its pricing. Adobe Compress PDF subscription comes with a little extra cost which might seem extra for many people. So for that, you can opt its best alternative WPS office suite. This is free software where you can perform your basic PDF editing. You can also opt for its pro version which will not cost you that much. 

Steps to Reduce Your PDF File Size in Adobe Acrobat DC

Follow all the steps carefully to reduce your file size using the Adobe Compress PDF function.

Step 1 – Open Your PDF File

Open Your Adobe Compress PDF  in your system and Click to open the PDF file which you need to compress. To open your PDF file, click on the button which shows File and then go to open and try to locate your file on your desktop. Once you are done with your file opening in Adobe Acrobat DC we will move forward with the PDF reduce process. You can also open your file by using Optimize PDF option.

Step 2 – Reduce the Size of the PDF in Adobe Compress PDF

Now to go the Tools section and click on the Tools and try to locate the Optimize PDF option which comes under Protect and Standardize section. This will allow you to open a sub-menu bar for PDF editing. Here you will get three options you will have you select to reduce the file size or you can also go with the advanced optimization option.

Step 3 – Choose all the specifications you want to change in your file by using Adobe Compress PDF

In this step, you get a chance to select your desired settings to compress your file e.g you can have Image settings, grayscale settings, and also monochrome image preferences. After you have filled in your desired file size and put all the information, now click “OK” and have your compressed PDF Size.  

More About Adobe Compress PDF

Adobe Compress PDF allows you to reduce your file size up to 100 kb and sometimes even more. This is a Fine tool to use for your business but it may cost you a little more. You can look for its best alternative i.e WPS office. This tool is free to download and easy to use. This program allows you to edit PDF files, and you can even purchase its Pro version if necessary. This is a comprehensive tool for your business. Simply visit its official website and click “Download” on the screen of your computer. You will then get a zip file with a URL to download and install WPS. Now you can sign up for free and begin editing your sheets, PDFs, and more. 

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