Free Business Plan Templates for New businesses and Entrepreneurs 

A lot of effort, time perfecting a business idea and drafting up a business plan can seem overwhelming.Writing a business plan may be difficult for anyone, whether they are establishing a new company, looking for funding for their present products, or suggesting a new project inside an organization. In this blog, we have compiled some of the best business plan templates for you. 

More goes into creating a business plan than just putting your ideas on paper for investors to view. In this exploratory phase, you may weigh your alternatives, test your ideas’ premises, and perhaps identify new prospects. 

While writing up a business plan, instead of drafting up the whole thing all on your own, it is  better to use a template. Different business plan templates are available online. A template is excellent since it gives your idea a tried-and-true framework since you’re  not doing anything unusual. Almost everything on it is customizable. 

Following are some of the best free business plan templates you can use to get your point across in the best way possible. 

  1. Modern dark business plan template 

You can use this template to write up an official detailed business plan. This template also comprises graphs and charts. While drafting up a business plan, visual representation plays an important role so it is better to choose a template with charts and graphs. The best part, you can download this for free. 

  1. General business report template 

You can use this template to give your business plan a very professional and classy look. The color combination of this template is black and red which gives it a more professional look and you can add visuals such as pictures and graphs in the template as well. 

  1. Green fresh business report template

If you are looking for a business plan template with a beautiful design and your idea is somewhat related to fashion or accessories, this is the perfect template for you. The template gives off a fresh vibe with the flowers and leaves. You can download WPS and use this template for free. 

  1. Classic Simple Elegant Report Business Plan 

You can use  this template for a simple and to the point business plan presentation. This template gives off a professional look along with features like pictures,graphs and tables. You can also add generic invoices in this template as well.

  1. Orange flat business general plan 

This template can be used to draft up an impressive business plan. With features like images, graphs, numbers you can convince your investors about your services in a confident manner. The format of this template is very professional. 

  1. Simple Fashionable Business Plan 

This template is designed in a stylish but a simple way. You can write up your business plan using this template to make it more convincing and classy. The placement of images is very impressive and sure looks fashionable. 

  1. Atmospheric Star Business Plan 

This is also a free template for business plans. The background is very soothing and can be very pleasing to look at. You can use this template if you are pitching something related to the environment or atmosphere. 

  1. Fresh Hexagon Creative Business Plan 

This free template is designed in a creative manner and you can use this template while you are pitching an innovative idea or a new invention. It has a lot of attractive features that will be a good addition to your business plan. 

  1. Business General Report 

This template is perfect for you if you are looking for something simple and to the point. This template is kind of based on the iOS 8 style and the background is a color gradient similar to the one in iPhone. 

  1.  Creative Black Business Plan 

This is another free creative business plan template. You can use this template for a creative idea and for a classy look. You can use images and graphs in the template in a very creative way that makes it look more attractive. 

How can these business plan templates help you? 

These were some of the widely used business templates and the best part about these templates is that they are free. If you have downloaded WPS, you can easily search for these templates and use them. 

These templates will save your time and energy and the end result will be exactly what you are looking for in a business plan. 

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