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Combining two or more PDFs into one saves a lot of time. Adobe Merge PDF is a great way to do that without wasting time. Sometimes you might need to send multiple PDFs in an email but you don’t want to attach each file to your mail, in that case you wish that somehow you may be able to combine all those files into one and send them in a single file. 

There are many other cases in which you may need this Adobe Merge PDF tool for instance you may have brochure designs and you need to merge that into one file. Then you can go for the Adobe Merge PDF tool. But the only thing that is less attractive about this Adobe Acrobat is that it cost a little more for ordinary people. You can consider its best alternative i.e WPS PDF tool. This tool will allow you to read pdfs and edit your files.    

How does the merging of PDFs works with Adobe Merge PDF

The first thing you need here is Adobe Merge PDF software installed in your system. Once you installed it or you can also use it online. After that you need to follow these steps:-

  • Open Your Adobe Merge PDF in your system.
  • Go to the tools section.
  • Select the Combine files options.
  • Then go to Add file section.
  • Now choose all the files which you want to merge.
  • Now click combine file.  

This way is the simplest and easiest way to do it. Adobe is indeed a good software that actually makes people’s life easier. But this reader requires a Subscription to do so and its subscription costs a lot if you are a beginner. You can buy Acrobat or you can also go for Adobe PDF pack. 

Want to do Adobe Merge PDF free of cost?

Adobe doesn’t offer free services in this area. However, you can opt to use its alternative WPS office, which will cost you less compared to an Adobe subscription. WPS will also offer you the same service but at less cost. Let’s see how you can use WPS to merge PDFs. 

  • Open WPS office in your browser or you can download its software to your system.
  • Now go to the PDF section.
  • Choose the Merge PDF option.
  • Then Select all the files you want to merge.
  • You will get an editor window here also, you can add images, rotate pages, add more pages, and much more.
  • When you think that your file is OK, click the download button.

You can also opt to save the pdf now and download it on a different device. 

More About Adobe Merge PDF

Abode is indeed one of the best tools in the market for PDF merging. You can use Adobe Merge PDF for many purposes. Here Again, I would like to highlight the fact that these services are not free of cost but they indeed cost a good amount of money. So always look for its best alternative. WPS comes as the best alternative you can have in the market with less cost. It is possible to download the WPS office. Simply visit its official website and click “Download” on the screen of your computer. You will then get a zip file with a URL to download and install WPS. Now you can sign up for free and begin editing your sheets, PDFs, and more.  

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