How to find a free and powerful PDF reader?

Did you know that when the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update came out, the PDF reader with WPS got some new features that made it more useful? Recent changes to WPS have made it so that you can do much more with your PDF files. You can, for example, make multiple views, add notes, convert files, and even have your PDF read to you! Check out the following to find out more about pdf reader online free download in WPS can do:

Highlighting and Notes:

Recent changes have made it easier to add notes to PDFs from the pdf reader online free download. Find the “Add notes” button next to the URL bar on your browser to switch to the annotations mode. The annotations toolbar gives you access to all the tools you need to use Windows Ink to highlight text or add notes to documents. Also, the toolbar lets you choose different colors while you’re writing, and the “Touch writing” button lets you switch between making notes, scrolling, and panning inside your text. Also, the Eraser tool lets you eliminate any part of your annotation you don’t like if you change your mind.

Text Notes, Pop-Up Menu:

A pop-up menu will appear if you click on any part of the page’s text. You can quickly get to a number of the features from there. After you choose a piece of text, you can either highlight it right away or write a text comment. Choose “Add a note” from the drop-down menu to make a new note with text.

Document Accessibility:

The PDF toolbar of pdf reader online free download gives users access to everything they need to open and read PDF files. You can click or tap any point on the screen to bring up the toolbar and do the same thing to close it. You can use the “Table of contents” to go to the right chapter or enter the page number directly to any page in the text. You can utilize the “Search” function to quickly find every place in the document where a certain text appears and then easily go to that text’s location.

Customizable Reading Modes:

You can use the “Rotate” button to turn papers showing the wrong way up, and you can use the “Layout” button to choose from different reading layouts, such as one-page and two-page layouts. If you need more control over how you scroll, you will like the options of continuous scrolling and page-by-page scrolling. By choosing “Fullscreen” from your browser’s menu, you can read your papers and books without other things on the screen getting in the way.

A helpful tip is to open a PowerPoint presentation saved as a PDF with a single-page layout, turn off continuous scrolling, and view the presentation in full-screen mode. Your browser has changed to presentation mode on its own at this point.

PDF Form Filling:

Pdf reader online free download forms that need to be filled out are sometimes given to us in PDF format, and you can now fill them out in WPS. It is a big change for the better. You can also use the “inking” tool instead of a digital signature to sign the forms with your handwriting. You won’t have to read long books or research papers on your own anymore because your browser will now read them out loud. Go to the toolbar and examine for the “Read aloud” button to start reading your PDFs.

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