How can you have Chrome open PDF in Adobe?

If you are also a Chrome user then you may also notice that the app will act by default PDF file viewer. This feature may be attractive for some users but may act as a turn-off for other users. Here we are going to provide you with step-wise instructions on how you can have chrome open PDF in Adobe. We will also lead you on how to use the adobe reader experience without leaving your browser. The process involved in this is simple and easy to follow. You will get many benefits of chrome open PDF in Adobe. 

chrome open PDF in Adobe will simplify your work with PDFs and you will get freedom with them. Adobe Acrobat lets users convert PDFs file into Different formats, add digital signatures, etc. Before we go any further, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how much it will cost. A subscription to Adobe costs you a little more, which many people might think is not necessary. So, the WPS Office Suite would be the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat. This free software lets you do the most basic things you need to do to edit PDFs. You can also buy the pro version, which won’t cost you too much.

Change Adobe Settings To Make it Default

Now, if you have Adobe Reader in your system not set as the default app then here are the step-wise instructions on how to do it with chrome open PDF in Adobe. 

Step 1 – Launch Adobe Reader on Your PC. If you have not downloaded it yet in your system, then go to its official website and download it and install chrome open PDF in Adobe using the installer. 

Step 2 – Click on Edit then Go to the preference section in chrome open PDF in Adobe.  

Step 3 – Now move to the general settings section from the left side panel.

Step 4 – Now select the default PDF handler button and click on it in chrome open PDF in Adobe.

Step 5 – Now Click on the continue button and follow the instructions along.

Step 6 – Now all you need to do is to wait for your window to make all the changes and Restart your System.

More About Chrome Open PDF in adobe

You can also use Chrome Open PDFs in Adobe as an app in your system instead of the browser. chrome open PDF in Adobe also offers a Chrome extension and you can work on it without downloading the app. Its closest compatible option is WPS Office, which you may wish to investigate. This program can be downloaded at no cost and is simple to operate. The program supports PDF file editing, and a Pro upgrade is available for those who need it. Just go to the site’s main web page and select the “Download” button. Afterward, a zipped file with a link to download and set up WPS will be sent to your inbox. To start making changes to your spreadsheets, PDFs, and more, sign up now for free. Now you can use the WPS office as you want to use Adobe Acrobat. This tool is also the best in the market with not so much subscription cost.    

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