Different ways to PDF compress Adobe

Are you interested in reducing the size of your PDF files by making use of PDF Compress Adobe? Then you can count on us to walk you through the procedure step by step. The majority of business people opt to use Adobe Acrobat as their primary PDF reader. If you have a problem with the size of the file and you don’t know how to compress it using the PDF Compress Adobe feature, then you must be frustrated, as I used to be in a similar situation. I couldn’t figure out how to compress the file. Don’t worry, my friend; we’ve got you taken care of with regard to this subject. Before we go any further, I’d like to provide you with some information regarding the cost of it. 

A subscription to PDF Compress Adobe comes with a small additional cost, which may appear to be unnecessary to many individuals. Therefore, the greatest alternative to Adobe Acrobat would be the WPS Office Suite. You are able to conduct your most fundamental PDF editing tasks using this free software. You also have the option to purchase its pro version, which will not set you back an excessive amount of money.

Using Simple Feature Of PDF Compress Adobe To Reduce File Size

This will be the quickest way for you to reduce your file. Here are the shortcut steps on how to do it.

Acrobat Tool > Tools Tab > Go to Optimize PDF > Now open the PDF you need to Compress > Select Reduce file size option > Click OK

You can also opt for its alternative Adobe Online PDF compressor. PDF Compress Adobe is a free tool that will offer you three options in compression.

  • High Compression (Low Quality, Small Size)
  • Medium Compression (Medium size but good quality)
  • Low Compression (Quality is not guaranteed)

You can try this tool and can successfully reduce the 32 MB PDF file size to 15 MB. 

Use Adobe’s Advance Setting to Reduce You File Size

If you are not satisfied with the results of the online PDf compressor, then you can use PDF editing manually to decrease your file size. You need a little more time with a professional PDF editor. 

Steps to follow

Adobe Acrobat > Tools > Optimize PDF > Advanced Optimization 

Large Image Size 

Removing excess resolution from your file helps in the reduction of file size. With PDF Compress Adobe you can choose to what extent to are willing to compromise your file resolution. In this setting, you can choose the size you need for your new file with PDF Compress Adobe. 

More About PDF Compress Adobe

PDF Compress Adobe is a family of software which offers many different platforms for many usages. Its most famous tools are in graphic designing such as adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop. These are the user’s fav tools to use for design purposes. However, these tools come with a monthly subscription. Its closest compatible option is WPS Office, which you may wish to investigate. This programme can be downloaded at no cost and is simple to operate. The programme supports PDF file editing, and a Pro upgrade is available for those who need it. Just go to the site’s main webpage and select the “Download” button. Afterwards, a zipped file with a link to download and set up WPS will be sent to your inbox. To start making changes to your spreadsheets, PDFs, and more, sign up now for free.  

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