Different Ways to Save Your PDF Files Using Foxit Phantom PDF Editor

Saving your files and documentation can be a very simple task. But Foxit Phantom PDF Editor gives you different options in this also which should be considered while saving any file. Foxit Phantom PDF Editor is in one software and app which gives full access to Your PDF. Indeed this tool is best as a PDF editor or as a PDF reader but you might need to pay a big amount for its subscription. 

If you are not open to investing then you can consider WPS Office as this will give you all the tools at a comparatively low price. This tool is free to download and also available in its Pro version. 

All About Save Settings

Save settings will give you freedom on how, where and under what circumstances you want to save your files in Foxit Phantom PDF Editor.

Save Your File Automatically Every X mins – It is quite surprising that Foxit Phantom PDF Editor lets you save your documents automatically after X mins, this X mins can be chosen by you. This function will be helpful if you are working on some complex and important project. 

Fast Up Your Viewing By Saving This Way – You can save your documents as linearized PDFs which lets you open your PDF from your web browser even if the full PDF is not downloaded still. Linearized PDF file makes your PDF viewing faster over the internet. This file has all the information that enables a kind of streaming server from where you can view your PDF pages one by one, it eliminates the need to download the full file before viewing it. You can have benefited from this feature with all Operating Systems such as Mac, Windows, etc.

Embed Your Fav Fonts Whenever Your Text is Updated and Saved –  If you choose this option in Foxit Phantom PDF Editor then all the text characters which you see in your documents can be embedded automatically. This feature of Foxit Phantom PDF Editor will allow the intended users of your file to see your documents as intended to be seen because they will get to see the same fonts you were using in your file. This feature is helpful for the online sharing of your files because many times you use uncommon fonts in your file and you worry about it and want to ensure that your layout is saved and as it is. Before using this feature you should keep in your mind that using this feature will make your file size big. This tool also gives you 64-bit encryption. 

More About Foxit Phantom PDF Editor

The Foxit Phantom PDF editor will allow you to make any necessary changes to your PDF files. As long as you keep up with Foxit Phantom PDF Editor membership payments, you’ll be able to do anything you choose with your PDF. You may also use the excellent WPS PDF tool as an alternative. You may use this program to make changes to your PDF, and if you want to upgrade to its Pro edition, you can do so. Every business tool you may ever need is right here. Using the Crack version of it is not recommended because of the risk of viruses. WPS Office is available for download. Simply navigate to their website and choose “Download” to have it automatically downloaded to your PC. When you’re done, you’ll be able to download WPS via the zip file provided. You can sign up right now and begin editing your documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs without spending a dime.

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