All You Need to Know about Microsoft Word for Students

Microsoft Word is not only an ideal word processor for professionals but students as well. Besides the plethora of formatting features for academic papers, it is also entirely convenient for students who want to save money or work within a slim budget. Microsoft aimed to unlock the potential of every student to use powerful tools while learning by making students and teaching staff eligible for free Microsoft Office 365. For this reason, it is possible to download Microsoft Word for students. 

This article will, therefore, show you how to get free Microsoft Word for students. 

Installing Microsoft Word for Students 

To get Microsoft Word for students installed on your device, you will have to install Microsoft 365 suite for students and educators. This way, you can access Word and other Office applications, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and other collaboration features for free. 

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login with your student email

On the device you want to install Office, go to Microsoft Education official site and login with your school email.

A confirmation prompt on whether you are a student or a teacher will be presented. Select accordingly. 

Step 2: Create your account

A new window will open where you create a Microsoft account and enter a verification code sent to your school email. 

Once you are done entering your personal information, click the Start button.

Step 3: Install Office 365

Go to Office 365 home age and install Microsoft Office 365 on your PC. Usually, an alert “You’re good to go” will show on your screen, and you are ready to use Office applications. 

You may also be prompted to sign in after installing the software, make sure to use your full school email and appropriate password. 

Now that all is done and dusted, you can use Office Word offline but occasionally need internet connectivity every 30 or so days to update your editing rights. 

What if I don’t have a student email? Well, Microsoft has something for everyone. 

Microsoft Word for Students Discounts and Deals

For some reason, you may want to upgrade your office version or, perhaps, use Office premium features not accessible on the basic free version. 

Here is some good news. Your students email gives you eligibility to a subscription plan of $2.99 per month and an invaluable access to premium features, 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage to avoid bogging down your device, media templates, video editing software and all Office applications. 

Not everyone needs a Microsoft subscription. So this offer is super convenient to college students needing the extra benefits on the go. 

On that note, you can easily login to Microsoft Word for students with only a school email address and enjoy a lifetime of service as long as your school email is valid. 

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