All You Need to Know about Microsoft Word Dark Mode Setting

The dark mode theme in MS Word keeps your eyes from straining and gives a unique appearance besides the all too common white page. Enabling your Microsoft Word dark mode means your document background and menu options will have a dark color. But that is as far it goes. This setting will not interfere with your collaborator’s view of the same document, nor does it mean your print document will have a dark theme. Your collaborators can only view the same document according to their default settings on their devices, and the white page on dark mode Microsoft Word will be retained when printing. Although, the Office theme will activate on every device you sign into using your Microsoft account. 

Now that all your insecurities are put to sleep, this article will discuss how to switch to and turn off Microsoft Word dark mode on Mac and Windows OS. 

Enable Microsoft Word Dark Mode in Different Systems

Enable Microsoft Word Dark Mode On Windows

The dark mode setting is only available on Microsoft 365 for Windows 10 and 11 users. Nonetheless, Windows 7 users can use the dark gray theme for similar effects as the dark mode. 

That said, see the steps below to enable dark theme on Windows (these steps also work for MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook):

Step 1:  Click on File at the top left corner and navigate to Account on the side bar. Your Account window will show “Office theme” among other settings. 

Step 2: Click on Office theme, and a drop down menu appears. 

Step 3: Select Black, and voila!

You can alternatively try other colors from the menu to suit your preference. Selecting “use system settings” will activate your default Office theme and override the dark mode. 

Enable Microsoft Word Dark Mode On MacOS

Enabling Mac Microsoft Word dark mode is different from Windows OS. See the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings, and on General options, navigate to the Appearance section. 

Step 2: Select Dark to turn on dark mode. 

The Auto option enables you to switch between light and dark modes according to your set Night Shift schedule. 

You can switch between light and dark background themes by selecting Switch Mode on the View tab in Word. 

Turn off Microsoft Word Dark Mode on Mac 

Launch Microsoft Word and navigate to Preferences. 

On the General options, go to the Personalize section and check “Turn off dark mode.” 

Alternatively, you can choose to retain the dark mode theme but keep your Word background light. Check “Dark Mode has a white page color” on the Personalise section to maintain a white background. 

Switching Microsoft Word Dark Mode to Normal Mode

With the dark mode on, you can switch between dark and white page Microsoft Word dark mode by navigating to the View tab on the ribbon and selecting Switch modes to change your background to white. 

To maintain your document background color light:

  1. Go to Files, then Options
  2. On General options, see Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office section. 
  3. Check the box before “Never change the document page color.” 
  4. Click Ok to save your changes.

You will see your selected Office background and theme. 

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