All You Need to Know about Microsoft Excel for Tablet

If you have an Android device, you can use Microsoft Excel for tablet to view and edit documents on your phone or tablet. Although you only get some of the features in the desktop version of Office, you can still open, create, and edit documents just like the desktop app. The free Microsoft Excel app for tablet has an array of features, but more benefits come with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Office can be downloaded onto an Android device in two different methods. You can either get Microsoft 365, a hybrid app that combines the features of the individual Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, or download Microsoft Excel for tablet separately.

The Microsoft suite is always better as it takes up less space on your tablet. Also, it is easier to use because it gives you access to single editing and collaborating experience.

Installing the Microsoft Excel App for Tablet Separately

You can install Microsoft Excel or any other Office app, including Word and PowerPoint, separately. This way, you’ll get some features not currently available in the new integrated Microsoft Office app.

To install Microsoft Excel, launch Google Play Store on your tablet, search for Microsoft Excel, and install it. 

Alternatively, if your tablet or phone uses a Windows OS rather than Android, you can use Microsoft Excel Mobile app to view, edit, and create spreadsheets. This option is, however, limited to a screen size not exceeding 10.1 inches. 

Once you have the software, you can add Microsoft Excel 12 object library depending on the scope of your projects and software version. This contrasts the Office suite, which automatically updates its object library once you open the referencing section. 

Get Microsoft 365 Subscription to Use Microsoft Excel for Tablet

With a Microsoft 365 account, you can log in and use Excel and other Microsoft Office apps on your tablet for free at any time. 

All you need to do is head over to, choose the “sign in” option and create your account. You must upload your card details for whichever subscription plan best suits your needs. 

Fortunately, Microsoft offers a one month trial version on all its applications before beginning your subscription. So if your uses are short-lived, you can live off their trial period but be careful to cancel your subscription right before they charge your card. 

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