All You Need to Know about Mac Microsoft Paint Equivalent

If you’ve used PCs and recently switched to a Mac, you’re getting all the benefits. But you were probably missing a program that accidentally won PC, mac OS users’ hearts everywhere: Microsoft Paint.

Is there a mac microsoft paint equivalent? Not really. There is no official Microsoft Paint for Mac. But there are more affordable alternatives that can help you do better by having a much lower learning curve. One is already installed on your Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook air and mini Macbook by default; only its toolset is hidden in an app called Preview.

Best Mac Microsoft Paint Equivalent

Since its inception, the Mac has been the operating system of choice for creative enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. So it’s no surprise that macOS is the top destination for the best new apps for drawing, painting, photo and video editing, and sketching.

As mentioned above, starting the journey with Preview covers all the basic needs that Windows Paint meets. For an accurate result, you can try the apps that offer more such as B. Tayasui Sketches for painting or Capto for editing pictures.

Easily Annotate and Edit Images with Microsoft Paint Equivalent

Only some know that the default Preview app for Mac is not just an image viewer but also a basic set of painting and annotation tools that are more than enough to replace the Mac Microsoft paint equivalent. How to access it.

  1. Right-click an image and choose Open With > Preview
  2. Locate the marker icon in the top right corner of the application window
  3. Click on it to open all available toolspreview app paint for mac

All the preview tools are similar to those you saw in MS Paint. There are three main groups of functions, separated by vertical partitions: select, create, and modify.

The operation of the preview is as intuitive as MS Paint. Suppose you want to draw a circle around an object in one of your images to get someone’s attention:

Select the sketch tool (third from left):

Just track the object. The preview automatically completes the drawn shape by default to make it a Just perfect oval, square, or triangle. However, you can keep the line freehand by selecting this option from the small context menu.

If you want to change the line, choose Shape Style (fourth from the right) to select the appropriate thickness and Border Color (third from the right) to change the line’s colour.

And yes, Preview also has a bucket tool. Once you’ve drawn a closed shape, you can select the fill colour tool (second from the right) and fill the object with any colour you like.

preview app tools paint for mac

Simply put, we encourage you to explore all the other tools. Preview offers: Customise shapes, text, markup, colour, and more. We guarantee you will get all the things from the Mac Microsoft Paint equivalent.

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