What is the maximum size of a Word document created?

With the continuous development of society, now most work is based on science and technology. In particular, the emergence of some office software has brought countless convenience to people in all walks of life. Softwares like Word are really everywhere you can find! Word is a flexible office software alternative for word processing, text editing and typesetting. Word can clearly present compatible tables and pictures to express the idea and structure of the article more intuitively, and make the layout of the document more beautiful and generous. Using Word in work and study can make the article you write better for others to read on the computer. It can be used for text entry and editing in work, which helps to improve office efficiency. So, how big is the largest Word document you have ever seen? Do you know what is the maximum size of a Word document created? In this article, we will answer this question about the maximum size of a Word document created for you.

What is the maximum size of a Word document created?

(1) If you are Word 2003 user

The maximum size of a word document created in WORD 2003 (DOC) is 32MB.

(2) If you are Word 2007 user

DOCX is also the file extension of Microsoft Word and It is used after Microsoft Office 2007. The maximum size of a word document created supports 512MB.

(3) If you are Word 2013 or later(including Microsoft 365) user

You can open Word documents larger than 512M, which means that Microsoft has removed 512M the maximum size of a word document created limit in the new version, and the maximum size of a word document created is only limited by hard disk, memory, CPU and other compatible factors.

How to compress your Word?

If the size of the Word file is very large, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to you in your daily work. We can compress the Word file to make it compatible. The volume of the compressed Word file will be greatly reduced, which is convenient for us to save, but will not affect the performance of our computer. The optimized compression method is as follows:

1. Compress pictures

After image compression optimization, it is almost half smaller. You can use Word’s built-in image compression, or you can compress the image before inserting it.

2. Use TrueType fonts as little as possible.

Word has embedded font technology, which can combine the fonts contained in an article into a file so that the file can be displayed correctly on another computer, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the size of the file. To not embed TrueType fonts, you can click Tools → Options, select the Save tab, and then clear the Embed TrueType Fonts check box to reduce the size of the Word document. If you need to embed fonts because you are presenting documents on other machines, remember to embed only the required fonts.

3. Do not insert unnecessary audio.

Video, audio and video are large users of space. If not necessary, use them as little as possible.

4. Use less irrelevant graphics.

If you must use graphics, use vector graphics instead of bitmaps.

5. Cancel unnecessary formatting.

The reason why the word document is large is that it saves more information in the document. We remove unnecessary information, such as hyperlinks and spaces, and use the first line indentation instead to reduce empty lines and delimiters. If you are copying text from other places, it is recommended to “paste selectively”, which can remove many unnecessary formats.

6. Create only one version.

The version function of Word allows you to generate multiple versions of your file for different Word to read, but this will increase the size of the file. Click the “File → Save” command (Tmtony) to check whether there are other versions. If so, cancel it, which will greatly reduce the file size.

7. Page setup.

Before saving the file, click “File → Page Setup” to open the page setup dialog box. Click “Paper Size”, “Margins”, etc. in the dialog box, and the contents can be unchanged. Confirm and save again, and you will find that the file capacity is also reduced.

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