How Microsoft Outlook Download for Mac Computer 2023 (2 Easy Ways)

You might select Microsoft Outlook over Apple Mail because of features like Sharing Calendar, Scheduling Task, Contacts, and many others. In light of this, it is necessary to discover how Microsoft Outlook download for Mac.

However, there are several ways to Microsoft Outlook download for Mac, and once the downloading process is complete, you must choose a subscription-based plan. Both methods of downloading it are described in this post; determine whichever suits your comfort level and flexibility best.

Easy Steps of Microsoft Outlook Download For Mac

An easy method to stay organized at home and work is by using Outlook. Because Microsoft 365 is included with it, rapid tasks can be accomplished thanks to easy access to calendar events, emails, and files and quick contact syncing across all accounts.

Method 1: Microsoft Outlook Download Using the App Store On Mac

The App Store is the first and simplest place for Microsoft Outlook Download for Mac. It is easy to complete and requires no additional knowledge; simply follow the below steps to get started.

Step 1 → Choose the App Store. Search for Outlook in the Search Bar present in the left side panel.


Step 2 → After that, select the Install or Open option next to Outlook. Hereafter you have to enter the Administrator Name & Password.

Once the downloading process is complete, an Outlook ID is required to activate Outlook. (If you lack an Outlook ID, create an Apple ID.)

Step 3 → Now Sign-In into Outlook. To use Outlook, you must have a Microsoft account. [[email protected]]

Make a payment to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 via Apple after the process is complete. There will be a variety of acceptable payment methods, so choose the one that best suits your needs and schedule.

Method 2 :Download Outlook From Microsoft Official Website

Continue reading the article to learn a reliable alternative technique if you tried an in-app purchase process to download Microsoft Outlook but still want to learn it.

Step 1 → Navigate to the Browser, head to the

Step 2 → If you haven’t signed in, choose Sign-In. Now Sign-In with the account you have linked up with a particular full version of Office. This account could be a School, Work Account, or Microsoft Account. After signing in, follow the steps accordingly.

You signed in using a Microsoft Account: – To start downloading, select Install from the Office Main Page.

You Used a Work or School Account to Log In– To begin the process of downloading, select Install Office > Office 365 App from Microsoft 365

Step 3 → Now, simply follow the on-screen instruction to finish the downloading procedure.

Step 4 → After finishing downloading, head to the Finder > Download > Double-Click on Microsoft Office Installer. Pkg. 

Tip: If you encounter the error that features the Microsoft Office installer. Pkg can’t be downloaded because it is through an unidentified developer; in this case, hold for 10 seconds and copy-paste the downloaded folder or file to the desktop. Press Control + Click to start the installer.

Step 5 → From the initial installation window, choose to Continue to start the procedure.

Step 6 → Go through the License Agreement, then choose Continue > Agree.

Step 7 → Select the desired way to install the office and hit Continue. Now review the requirement of the disk or else customize the installation location > Install

Note: Some users only want a specific app to download, in this case, choose to Customize and uncheck the box present next to the program that doesn’t want to install.

Step 8 → On the screen, you will be asked to enter the Username & Password (Use the password you use to log in to your Mac) > Install Software > After the downloading procedure, choose Finish.

This is how you easily install the desktop Microsoft Outlook App on the Mac computer.

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