What Is the Difference between Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic and Standard?

Whether you use your PC or laptop for work, daily home use, or enjoyment, you will require productivity tools at some point. You will look into Microsoft 365 if you find yourself in that situation. Although Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools offers products of unquestionable quality, it might take some work to determine which version you require.

That’s true enough if you’re just purchasing for your personal computer or your family’s computer. Still, the costs are significantly higher if you want to buy Microsoft 365 for business use. We’ve compared Microsoft 365 Business Basic vs Standard to help you decide which one to buy and to show you how the two versions differ.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Microsoft 365 Business Basic is the company’s entry-level productivity suite. Even though you receive fewer features, the price is still lower: in the US, it costs just $6 per user each month, and in the UK, it costs £4.50. All the pricing listed below is based on an annual subscription purchase and does not include sales taxes.

You can use a variety of well-known apps for that amount of money. You can access Exchange and utilize the online, Android, and iOS versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

Documents and spreadsheets support collaborative working, and OneDrive and SharePoint allow you to save and transfer files across your devices.

For $8.25 or £7.90, you can get Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, which allows you to download office products rather than web versions but excludes Teams if you want these apps in desktop versions.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

If you upgrade to Microsoft 365 Standard, which costs $12.50 per user per month in the US and £9.40 in the UK, you’ll gain greater flexibility.

By having the same set of capabilities as the Basic tier, such as web apps, support for 300 users, and 1TB of cloud storage per user, Microsoft 365 Business Standard gets off to a strong start.

There are several significant reasons why this product is worth the increased price. The most notable difference is the option to download and install desktop versions of Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote on your PC or Mac hardware, removing the need for online versions. Access and Publisher are also included with PCs; each user can download them.

There is one more significant difference. Businesses can decide how much control Microsoft should have over their data using Business Standard. There is a more comprehensive solution available for companies who currently own their domain, but getting started will require more technical expertise.

Best Office Suit for You

WPS Office is a versatile office suite that provides premium tools to complete daily work tasks. WPS Office includes Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet and Presentation apps and 10GB of cloud storage in which users can save their documents on various devices for free.

It also allows for easy collaboration between colleagues and business partners thanks to its sharing function, making it ideal for businesses or individuals looking for an efficient way to manage tasks and data quickly. Furthermore, WPS Office employs lightweight security protocols, making it more secure than other office suites. You can download WPS Office for free from its official website.

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