What Is Microsoft 365 Com Setup?

Microsoft 365 is the need of today’s business habits. Once you get it, Microsoft 365 com setup is too necessary. No doubt, Microsoft Office support is here to help you. You know, Microsoft 365 specialises in synchronising your email and files. Therefore, you can grow your business with the help of a single platform. Moreover, it is easy to download. 

Let us dig into it more for better understanding. 

Microsoft 365 Com Setup

Microsoft 365 com setup stands on multiple factors that are required to run the setup smoothly. 

Account Support

The accessibility of Microsoft 365 is free to all Microsoft customers and families. Apart from subscribed, paid customers get help through the Exchange Online server system. The most simple examples of these accounts are Outlook.com, Skype, and Xbox.

Language Support

Multiple languages are pre-installed in Microsoft 365. So, you can switch between different languages and Microsoft 365 speaks the same. Of course, it can speak in A to Z languages. 

Synchronising Account

The user needs to synchronise all files and data. For this purpose, sign in to the same account on your phone and computer. As a result, the changes you made at one end will be updated to the other end within 5 seconds automatically. 

Export Account

As you know, synchronisation is automatic in all the accounts, so you can export files and data from Outlook to the other account. To export your data, simply sign in to https://Outlook.com with the same account that you use for Microsoft. Now, jump to the settings option followed by view full settings. 

As the next step, hit General, followed by the Export option. Now, it’s time to choose the Export Mailbox option, and it’s all done. Your files and data are now in the Google database. 

Use Microsoft 365 on MAM Managed Account

For the MAM dashboard, Microsoft is an approved setup. Therefore, it is easy to use InTune-enabled devices.

Multiple Accounts on Microsoft

Microsoft 365 com setup comes with nicer flexibility. In fact, the user can switch between a family and a business account very easily. Of course, it gives multiple accounts switching support. 

For this purpose, simply click on your username and hit add account. Now, fill in the further queries. All done. 

Set Dark Mode

Microsoft 365 com setup comes with the setup of dark mode. Whether you are using Windows or Android, or your device is iOS or Mac; it’s at your fingertips to switch mode between light and dark. 

Be a Microsoft Insider

To enjoy in time or early access to all the updates and use new features, Microsoft 365 offers you to be an insider of Android, Windows 10, and iOS beta apps.

Microsoft 365 Com Setup – Final Verdict

WPS Office comes with all the features that are needed for an excellent experience. Moreover, it is a good option when you want to have a  business meeting while sitting at a different location. So, you can edit your word file and it will be shown to the team at a distance. 

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