What Are Features and Plans of Microsoft 365 for Business?

Microsoft 365 for business offers a comprehensive platform that is required for teamwork for a small business. In fact, it comes with multiple apps that are compulsory to support your business. Therefore, it’s too easy to store data, collaborate on projects, and configure the infrastructure. 

Microsoft Outlook, you can consider an excellent Email provider. 

Microsoft 365 for Business Features

It comes with multiple features that have made Microsoft 365 office position one. Some of the hot features include;

1- Enhanced Security and Collaboration

Microsoft 365 offers OneDrive that allows you to store data up to 1 TB. Microsoft 365 office has spent a huge amount of money to make it more secure. 

OneDrive offers a good platform for collaboration in real-time from any area. 

2- Microsoft Word Processor

Microsoft Word is counted as the top processor on the globe. For every business, Microsoft Word is the top need. So, it is the most needed software in the market. 

With this software, you do not need to create a new version of your official file. Therefore, the comments feature allows easy collaboration of all the editors. It makes it easy to request changes and edit files when you want.

3- Support Decentralised Team

Microsoft 365 for the Business package helps your decentralised team to work on a single point. So, every member can stay connected during work and help to produce excellent output. 

4- Management Is Simple

Microsoft 365 helps to do financial management on a planner or excel sheet. So, your HR and the financial team get help to check incoming and outgoing amounts.  The updated version of Excel comes with data visualisation and advanced reporting features to analyse stats. 

5- Accessibility on Various Devices

Microsoft 365 for Business is accessible on the web and mobile. As a result, all the apps are available in mobile and web versions. As a result, office based tasks are easy to work on a mobile device. 

What Are the Uses of Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise? 

Microsoft 365 supports you to improve writing in Outlook and Word. Moreover, it supports you to make presentations in PowerPoint.

Microsoft 365 Plan- Basic vs Standard vs Premium

From basic to standard and others, all the plans of Microsoft 365 office offer varied features that make them unique. Let’s find them step by step.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

The basic plan of Microsoft 365 provides the subscribers OneDrive, Exchange, Teams, and SharePoint. The user of this plan has an approach to the basic Microsoft app including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But, it does not provide access to the desktop version.  

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Microsoft Standard is a comparatively advanced plan of business. It comes with all the features of the basic plan. Therefore, the user can use it for Yammer, Power Automate, OneDrive storage, and Power Apps. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

This Microsoft business premium plan provides all the standard features. However, advanced safety is an additional feature. These security features include Azure AD Premium, protection, Azure information, and Advanced threat protection Intune. 

Microsoft 365 for Business – Final Verdict

Microsoft 365 For Business is a good option to boost your business. As you can tackle all the data anywhere you are present. 

WPS provides all the plans of Microsoft 365 and available to download following very simple steps. Apart from it, this setup offers three different plans to subscribe to according to your business needs. 

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