Microsoft 365 Business Premium Is The Preferred Plan for Medium to Small Businesses

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is loaded with Azure cloud technology that makes it different from other plans. All the plans come with varied features and plans. To bypass the threat, Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with optimised security. 

So, from enhanced safety to profitability, Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with multiple features.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Features

Integration of multiple features in Microsoft 365 Business Premium has made it unique. These features include, 

Productivity Tools

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is integrated with an updated version of Word, Excel, Publisher, OneNote, and PowerPoint. Therefore, multiple users can work on the same document at a time while sitting in different zones. These users can access all files from anywhere around the globe to support productivity and teamwork. 

Enhanced Security

With the increasing security demand, the need for shielding storage and data has increased. Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with already installed safety features including, Microsoft Defender for Business, and Microsoft Defender Office 365 Plan 1, among others. 

This software is efficient to resist malware, spam, and virus attacks. To shield storage and data, it features self-service password reset and multi-factor authentication. 

Efficient Subscription Switch

Switching from standard to premium requires no re-installation or renewal cost. The switching is just at your fingertips.

Communication Tools

 The Microsoft team offers a strong communication setup for Microsoft 365. Therefore, up to 300 people can attend the meeting online or have chats and calls. So, the user can experience good communication and teamwork.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium vs Standard

Talking about the standard vs premium plan says that both have the same kind of apps and communication platforms. But Business Premium is an excellent choice for a large business due to its additional safety features and accessibility of the desktop version. 

What Kind of Business Should Use Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is used for medium to small businesses that have low or no IT resources. For a successful business, this software provides collaborative tools, cloud file storage, and optimised security. 

Moreover, if you lack background knowledge of IT, cloud-based security solutions make it easy for you. Keep in mind, the subscriber may encounter a setup issue. Therefore, Microsoft Support is here to support you. 

Why Is Microsoft 365 Business Premium the Best Option?

This plan is a good option for a small business that covers 300 members. Within this range, Microsoft 365 provides all the required security functions to support your business. With members of more than 300, it needs E3 for additional options. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium – Final Words

No doubt, Microsoft 365 Business Premium does not support members of more than 300. However, it provides a necessary solution to deal with them. If you aim to boost your business with team members, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is good to go. 

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