Microsoft 365 App for Android

Microsoft 365 app for Android include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Teams. These apps let you create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and notes on your Android device. They also let you share documents with other users and collaborate on business projects in real time.

Best Features of Microsoft 365 App

1. Access Documents Anywhere 

Microsoft Office for Android lets you access and edit your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations stored in OneDrive or other cloud storage services.

2. Create and Edit Documents on The Go

The app supports full editing capabilities for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

3. Share Documents with Ease 

The app makes it easy to share documents with others via email, social media, text messaging, or other services.

4. Cloud Integration 

Microsoft Office App integrates with OneDrive and other cloud storage services, so you can easily access and share documents from any device.

5. Real-time Collaboration 

The app supports real-time collaboration management between you and other users. This makes it easy to work on documents together no matter where you are.

6. Security 

The app offers a range of security features, including two-factor authentication and encryption.

Is Microsoft 365 App Free on Android?

No, Microsoft Office is not free on Android. You must purchase an Office 365 subscription to use the Microsoft Office App on Android.

How Do I Download Microsoft 365 App on Android?

Open “play store” from your mobile and type “Microsoft 365 app”, you will get your desired app at the top of the menu as in the screenshot. Install and launch the app.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365 App


  • Microsoft 365 app is well-known due to its high quality and reliability. It means that users can trust that the app will perform as expected.
  • Microsoft app is available on the Google Play Store, making it easy to find and install on devices.
  • It often features a wide range of functions, from basic to advanced customization options.


  • Microsoft 365 app can be expensive, especially when compared to many free alternatives.
  • It may require a subscription or an enterprise license, which can be expensive for individual users.
  • Microsoft apps can be quite large, which can take up a lot of storage space on a device.
  • It may not always be compatible with all Android versions or devices 

Microsoft 365 App – Wrap Up

As Microsoft Office App is easy to install on android devices, it may be difficult for you to use due to its expensive subscriptions.

However, we have an alternate option of the WPS Office App for our android device. 

Features of WPS Office App

1. Document Writer 

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations easily on your mobile device.

2. PDF Reader 

Open and read PDF files quickly and conveniently.

3. Cloud Storage 

Access and store your documents on the cloud, including Google Drive and Dropbox.

4. File Sharing 

Share documents with friends, family, and colleagues quickly and securely.

5. Real-Time Collaboration 

Work with others on documents and presentations in real time.

6. Office to PDF 

Convert documents to PDF format with one easy step.

7. Document Templates 

Create new documents with popular office templates.

8. Advanced Formatting 

Add tables, images, and other formatting elements to your documents.

9. Office 365 Integration 

Access and edit Office 365 documents seamlessly from your mobile device.

10. Print to PDF 

Print documents directly from your device to PDF format.

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