Microsoft Office is an office suite developed by Microsoft based on the Windows operating system. Commonly used components include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. On this website, you can find graphic knowledge of Microsoft Office, and the download of software similar to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-powered productivity platform launched by Microsoft Office. Different from previous versions, Microsoft 365 requires a subscription. This guarantees that Micorsoft 365 constantly updates and provides the latest features.

What Is Microsoft 365 Com Setup?

Microsoft 365 is the need of today’s business habits. Once you get it, Microsoft 365 com setup is too necessary. No doubt, Microsoft Office support is here to help you. You know, Microsoft 365 specialises in synchronising your email and files. Therefore, you can grow your business with the help of a single platform. Moreover, it is easy to download.  Let us dig into it more for better understanding.  Microsoft 365 Com Setup Microsoft 365 com setup stands on multiple factors that are required to run the setup smoothly.  Account Support The accessibility of Microsoft 365 is free to all

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A Comparison of Microsoft 365 Business Standard Vs Premium Plans

Microsoft defines its Microsoft 365 offering as “your performance cloud across work and life.” It’s a unique blend of the Workplace apps you know and like, plus durable and robust cloud and safety solutions. Relying on the degree or package you pick, Microsoft 365 can likewise contain tool monitoring and other company-wide IT and access controls. Unfortunately, many business leaders still think about Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) as a package of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Overview. In this article, we will list down a comparison of Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Business Premium. Microsoft 365 Business Standard Services searching

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What Are Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise?

Microsoft 365 apps for  enterprise is a comprehensive suite of applications and services designed to help organizations become more organized, productive and efficient. In this article, we’ll take a look at what are the different  Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise and how they can be used to improve workplace productivity. Microsoft Word This word processor has been around for decades and is now included with almost all Microsoft 365 apps for  enterprise plans. Word helps you create professional documents like brochures, letters or articles quickly and easily. It also offers powerful features like mail merge, cooperation tools and forms processing.

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Office 2019

Office 2019 is the last version of Microsoft’s productivity software that’s available as a one-time purchase. The main features of Office 2019 are similar to those of Microsoft 365. However, Office 2019 doesn’t allow constant updates as Microsoft 365 does.
How to clear the clipboard and use it efficiently in excel?

How to clear the clipboard and use it efficiently in excel?

In the process of using Microsoft Excel, being proficient with the clipboard can greatly increase our efficiency, it can help us temporarily store copied or cut. Once something is stored in the clipboard, you can paste it anywhere you like. But while using the clipboard, you may get an error that says your clipboard is full. Thus you should know how to clear the clipboard. The ways to find and clear the clipboard are as follows. Clear the clipboard in excel. First, open the clipboard. Step 1: Click the Home tab then you will see a clipboard tab under the Format Painter. Step 2:

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How to insert pictures in powerpoint slides qucikly?

How to insert pictures in powerpoint slides qucikly?

Currently, being knowledgeable about Microsoft products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and others is a need for employment. We commonly need to insert images into Power point presentation and add subtitles. Have you learned about how to insert a picture in PowerPoint? Making a powerpoint for the first time? Not sure how to insert pictures? No worries. Below are the methods of inserting picture for powerpoint. How to Insert Pirctures in Powerpoint? Method 1: Insert picture from a device When you open a PowerPoint slide, we can see that there are many functions such as home, insert, design, transitions, animation and slide show etc. For inserting a picture in powerpoint slides, we use the “Insert” function. Step-1: Click the Insert tab Step-2: Click the picture tab After you click the insert tab, you will see various tab under it. There are Picture,

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What is the maximum size of a Word document created?

What is the maximum size of a Word document created?

With the continuous development of society, now most work is based on science and technology. In particular, the emergence of some office software has brought countless convenience to people in all walks of life. Softwares like Word are really everywhere you can find! Word is a flexible office software alternative for word processing, text editing and typesetting. Word can clearly present compatible tables and pictures to express the idea and structure of the article more intuitively, and make the layout of the document more beautiful and generous. Using Word in work and study can make the article you write better for others to read on

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Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Project, Visio, Outlook, etc. For different groups of people, Office 2016 has launched different versions, such as Home Edition, Enterprise Edition, Professional Plus Edition, and so on.
Why Microsoft Excel 2016 is the Recommended Charts Tool

A Simple Tool to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel 2016

A tool to create charts in Microsoft Excel 2016 not only improved the visual attractiveness of worksheets but also facilitated the organization and comprehension of the information conveyed to the intended audience, especially when working with data.  To better show the trends, averages, high and low points, and more, it was found useful to introduce an additional tool to create charts and diagrams. Microsoft Excel 2016 offers a wide variety of charts, including pie charts, bar charts, and line charts. Microsoft Excel 2016 also offers several tools to assist you in creating charts, such as the Recommended Charts, Quick Analysis,

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How to remove a page break in Word 2016

What is a page breaks? A page break refers to an invisible mark that divides a page in Word. A page enables you to move from one page in Word to another. Further, the page is also essential during printing as it enables the printer to determine the end of a page and the beginning of a new one. Although a page break is essential for the reasons mentioned above in addition to improving the layout of your work, sometimes they may not be needed. Types of Page Breaks in Word 2016 There are two primary types of page breaks.

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How to add page numbers in Word 2016

It is essential to add page numbers to your Word document. This provides a good layout and makes your work look more professional. This article will highlight how you can number the pages of your document from a specific page. It will also provide guidelines on adding page numbers at the header or footer. Add Page Numbers From a Specific Page in Word 2016 You can number the pages of your Word document from a specific page. To do this; Number Pages on the Header or Footer in Word 2016 Did you know that you can add page numbers to

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Office 2007

Office 2007 is an easy-to-use office software. The full version of Office 2007 adopts a brand-new design and user interface, which simplifies the work area, makes common tools easier to use, and helps users perform office work more easily and improve work efficiency. It is very practical.

Free Download Microsoft Office Excel 2007

When we carry out a variety of data processing, statistical analysis and auxiliary decision-making operations, general text layout are inseparable from a software Microsoft Office Excel 2007. We need Excel either in the office or study. So first of all, there will be a problem how we download Microsoft Office Excel 2007? In fact, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is now available for free download. Then this article will teach you how to download Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for free, as well as some skills on the use of Microsoft Office Excel 2007. How to download Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for free The Microsoft Office Excel 2007 free download can be accessed

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Know All The Things About Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

Today we are going to look at all the things we can do with Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.  This is the relatively newer version of MS office known to be the comprehensive office suite for all kinds of enterprises. In this article, we are going to have comprehensive knowledge about Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007’s latest version which is Microsoft 365.  Although Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007  is quite a business-oriented product that has mostly paid services. If you are looking for the best alternative then you can opt for WPS Office Suite. This is one of the leading software in the

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How to Free Download Microsoft Office 2007 For Windows?

If you’re looking for a free version of Microsoft Office, then you’re in luck. You can easily download and install Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows without spending a penny. Here are some easy-to-follow key steps to help you get Microsoft Office 2007 for free. Why Download Microsoft Office 2007? Although it’s been almost 15 years since its initial release, most companies still use the 2007 version of Microsoft Office due to its simplicity, compatibility with older systems, and relatively reliable features. Additionally, it isn’t necessarily loaded with several programs as newer software versions are. So if you’re looking to reduce

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Edit PDF documents for free on the computer and mobile terminals. It can realize conversion, editing, merging, compression and splitting between PDF files.


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